30 Best Minimalist Garden Design Ideas for 2018

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas – Minimalist house will not be sempura without a simple garden decor elegant nan. When you create a minimalist house with a simple interior design, including in it is a garden that follows a minimalist modernist style.

When talking about a minimalist garden then that is concerned about the space and how to arrange, utilizing a small yard to be transformed into a beautiful garden, clean and modern. One of the benefits of having a minimalist garden is its maintenance is directly proportional to its simple design.

Before designing a garden in a minimalist home, think carefully about the concept first so that the cost can be used as effectively as possible. The concept of the park should be adapted to the lifestyle of the homeowner.

Whether you are a professional and live in a busy urban center or a nature lover who has the time and knowledge in maintaining the park. In order for the concept and the results do not disappoint, here is a guide to the basics of garden design in a minimalist home.

Minimalist Home Garden Concept Guide

Park Boundaries

Because the house is designed in a minimalist way, making the boundary is the main thing to think about at the beginning of the process. The use of strong colors will be helpful. Make a choice to use any color to use on the fence and wall. Color selection is a strong foundation to create a successful minimalist garden.

Neutral colors like black, white and gray are very popular because it gives a calming and pleasant effect. Creating walls with limestone layers is the best solution for creating a simple garden boundary, connected to a floor consisting of pebbles.

The concept of multifunctional walls is not only a boundary but as a projection of garden lights and where flowers or ornamental plants hang. The walls of the new stone can also be painted to make the blocks look smoother.

Adding glass panels allows light to enter the park naturally. The park will also look broader with the projection of glass. This limit will be more beautiful with additional wood that connects between walls and fences.

Not Using Many Materials

Material selection and color are the factors that determine the park looks clean and pleasing to the eye. Here you will learn how to use materials to create a harmonious garden.

Paving blocks are the best choice for flooring in your minimalist garden. But must be selected pattern that fit with the concept of minimalist house and arranged with skill expert to achieve impression perfect.

The gray paving color for gray detail is a harmonious blend of colors to fit into different colors of furniture such as chairs, window frames and potted plants.

Details of paving pattern should be carefully considered to create a professional minimalist design and make the park as a comfortable place for families.

Planting Grass

Grass is a major artistic factor in a modern garden concept. Types of grass can use elephant grass, mini elephant grass, japan grass, peking grass or grass that is allowed to grow freely. Create a neutral impression by combining it with stone or wood.

In a minimalist garden setting, the grass should be planted carefully, trimmed to resemble a carpet. Law care should always be taken care of to keep the grass beautiful and well groomed. Every month the grass needs to be trimmed or even fertilized.

The concept of minimalist garden has become a trend along with the growing number of enthusiasts minimalist home, especially in urban areas. If you love the art and artistic yard you will be a unique and comfortable place.

The concept of minimalism is proven to save more space because the corners are used maximally. In addition to the basic guidelines above, there are other tips that are not less important in making a minimalist home garden, namely:

  • Use lighting that focuses on the terrace, good lighting makes the garden always bright both day and night.
  • Use water to give calm and peace. Water can be made by creating a small pond with a stream of water around a pond or using a small fountain.
  • Create a focal point on one main object in a minimalist garden design. The main thing to note is the attraction of the garden atmosphere, whether it is a fountain, pond, statue or potted flower plants. Can also the attraction comes from the wall, arranged in such a way with natural stone so that the eyes will be directed directly to him.
  • Neutral colors are popular in the concept of a minimalist garden, but that does not mean you can not combine it with other colors. The use of paint with bright colors on the walls will create a wider visual impression.
  • It is said to be a minimalist garden when the atmosphere of the park looks clean and tidy. Decorative ornaments will make the park more efficient. Choose an ornament with a vertical and horizontal pattern that has a hard and rough surface.
  • There is no garden without plants, this is an important part in creating a comfortable garden. Choosing a plant with a minimalist style will make the minimalist home design becomes increasingly clear.

The last tip to make a minimalist garden in a minimalist home is about the maintenance so that the beauty is maintained.

In maintaining the plants, you need to pay attention to the fertilizer, take time to water it, prune the leaves and branches. If time is a major obstacle, it seems you need to consider using plants that grow rather slowly like tropical plants.

1. Minimalist Garden With Four Major Elements

Minimalist Garden With Four Major Elements

2. Minimalist Garden With Brick Wall Block

Minimalist Garden With Brick Wall Block

3. Minimalist Garden With Open Terrace Concept

Minimalist Garden With Open Terrace Concept

4. Oriental Style Minimalist Garden

Oriental Style Minimalist Garden

5. Minimalistic Modern Garden

Minimalistic Garden The Modern and Clean

6. Minimalist Garden With Traditional Touch

Minimalist Garden With Traditional Touch

7. White Minimalist Garden

White Minimalist Garden

8. A Perfect Blend of Wood and Ceramics

A Perfect Blend of Wood and Ceramics

9. Minimalist Garden with Camping Atmosphere

Minimalist Garden with Camping Atmosphere

10. Garden in Between Beautiful Pots

garden in between beautiful pots

Minimalist Garden Gallery

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas
Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

These are just a few Minimalist Garden Design Ideas, as there are plenty of them as long as you can play with your imagination.

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