10 Awesome Rock Painting Ideas | Step-by-Step Instructions on Rock Painting

Creativity could make soething ordinary to be an extraordinary. That’s the power of creativity. I’m sure that you usually see rocks around your home but have you ever though to use it to express your artwork? I think, the people that thinks about it is very rare, and so does the people which use it to express their creative artwork.

So, in here you will realize how you can get creative with a simple small rock. Before we talking about Easy Rock Painting ideas, the first thing you should know is the right way to paint on a rock.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Rock Painting

Drawing is not just putting paint on the paper or canvas. There are a lot of thing to learn. If you are beginner, here step by step instruction on rock painting ideas:

1) Rocks.

Choose smooth flat rock instead of unusual rock shapes to express your masterpiece. Keep your ideas in mind when choose the best suited rock for your masterpiece.

2) Wash.

Paint won’t stick to dirty rocks. Make sure to clean your rocks to get a smooth surface rock. You can use warm water and soap to ensure it. To be better, you may use your unusd toothbrus to ensure that all debris is removed. After finish with the cleaning, allow it to dry before you use it.

3) Sand.

You may use 150 grit sandpaper to remove any light bumps or grit on your rock.

4) Paint.

We suggest to use acrylic patio paint for the best results if you want to show your rock outside. Adding a white layer before painting the color you want makes it pop. Make sure for each paint layer to dry before you applying the next layer.

5) Paint brushes.

A selection of different sized paint brushes colud help you create the perfect look of your artwork.

6) Markers.

Adding text with markers is easier than painting words.

7) Fineline Applicator.

Using Fineline Applicator will help you control your artwork.

8) Dots.

Use dotting tools will help you to make perfectly round dots.

9) Seal.

This step is the most important steps in rock painting. All your artwork masterpiece which you put into that stone would be wasted with any type of moisture. You want a seal that won’t curdle if the stones are subject to the outdoor weather.

10) Brush Cleaner.

How many times we have throw away our dirty brushes because we never clean it up? You may feels guilty to do that. To prevent it, we suggest to soak your paintbrushes every time you finish your works.

Rock Painting Ideas

Your rock paintings could be used as decoration for your house, or could be placed as a decoration in your gardens and parks. The painted rock will give an unique and creative accent to your garden design.

Here, we will show you some stone art ideas that we hope can inspire you. Enjoy reading it!

1. Dream House

best rock painting ideas

In this picture, a large piece of rock has been turned into a small dream house. I’m sure that a kids would have huge attention if they see it. It’s look very like elegant and very attracting.

2. Cute Kittens

best rock painting ideas

In this picture, four identically sized stones have been amazingly transformed into a beautiful kittens. This artwork painting is very commendable.

3. Fresh Fruit


The flat and wide pieces of rocks could be used to make this artworks. Make a basket full of these fruits and make it your dining table’s centerpiece.

4. Polar Bear


You may see that these rock pieces have been painted with white color and turned into the cute looking polar bears. We recommend you to try it for sure.

5. Funny Deer


Everything that you want to draw and paint on a rock must look attractive. Here, you can see another awe-inspiring masterpiece by the artist.

6. Ladybug Rocks


Here, you can see a fun painted rock you can make with kids. What’s more adorable than a cute ladybug?

7. Cat Painted Rocks


For cat lovers, these will be yuor favourite one. A smiling cat faces on a rocks. Perfect for a cat-lover!

8. Dog Painted Rocks


Here is a cutie rock, perfect for a dog owner. Look at the friendly dog on the rock!

9. Mandala Painted Rocks


Have you ever see and loved these one? Follow these tips and it’s will be for you to make your own!

10. Dragonfly Rock


An amazing dragonfly and a lush leaf, all painted on a rock. Perfect decoration for your garden bed or a desk to remember the feels of spring days.

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