60 Awesome Pottery Painting Ideas

Awesome Pottery Painting Ideas

There are several styles to use when decorating your pottery, both before firing and afterwards, and it can be a little confusing choosing the right style. Decorating pottery doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, painting pottery is so easy people have been doing it since prehistoric times. Here are some ideas to get you … Read more

70+ Best Pumpkins Painting Ideas

70+ Best Pumpkins Painting Ideas

Halloween is just a wait of few days and now we should really think about the decorations. There are some traditional decoration ideas about Halloween that are still yet much popular around the world. And if you celebrate Halloween each and every year, you probably know about the art of pumpkin . It is a … Read more

50 Mandala Rock Painting | How to Make It

Mandala actually is a sacred pactice enganged by Tibetan monks and many other cultures. Mandala words originated from classical Indian Sanskrit languange that could be losely means a “circle”. Mandala is far more than a simple artworks and you will be amazed by these artworks. It’s represent many things and could be seen as a … Read more