Metal Barndominium Floor Plans Ideas that You Can Try

Need a barndominium metal floor plan? Here we give you some of the best for you. But wait! What is barndominium? For those who don’t know, this is a new style of housing.

Today many rural landowners choose pre-engineered metal buildings to build “barndominium” houses. The barndominium trend starts in Texas, but spreads like a prairie fire.

These attractive, sturdy and highly customizable steel houses are now emerging throughout the heart of the city. The term barndominium includes a large number of residential styles, from small weekend huts to modern and sophisticated rural areas.

Long familiar with the positive attributes of metal buildings, rural people easily make the transition to using steel buildings as houses.

You can say that barndominium is a mixture of warehouses and condos. Physically resembling a barn, maybe standing in the middle of a field or greenery, but full of modern facilities and ready to give you maximum comfort.

The number one benefit of rigid steel buildings bringing home owners is the freedom of a complete floor plan. You really can design your own home.

Wood-framed structures require supporting walls in key locations to support the overall weight of the wood. The wall that holds this load determines the floor plan. There is no variation in the location of strategically placed load retaining walls.

Light gauge steel frames, although they have few constraints on traditional wooden framed houses, still need load-bearing interior walls. Load-bearing walls also often hamper future modeling options.

Much stronger than wood or light gauge steel, rigid framed steel buildings create large openings. Industrial grade steel fully supports buildings without the need for interior columns, let alone a load-bearing wall
Design your dream home, exactly the way you want it, without limits. Let your imagination soar! Create a large and open space.

Let the living area flow without being blocked from one room to the next. Enjoy the spacious atmosphere with towering ceilings.

Many people draw their plans right on a slab with lime or soap. Decide you want to make a bigger closet or kitchen? Adjust the plan.

Want to remove the wall and open the family room and kitchen? Do it. Interior changes do not jeopardize your standalone barndominium steel frame. Consequently, remodeling will be very easy.

Practical rural dwellers often build barndominiums to serve two purposes. A clear span steel frame allows a combination of buildings and homes.

For example, one part of the structure covers the residence, while the remaining square footage holds a store. Others choose to combine office and home space into a divided structure.

Partitioning a barndominium becomes a house with a garage or storage area attached. Rural pilots even combine hangars and houses in one comfortable structure.

Metal Barndominium Floor Plans Ideas

However, not everyone chooses to combine space in barndominium. Most people use the entire structure as a house. So, still curious about this style and want to catch a glimpse of the floor plan? Let’s check.

1400 sq. ft. Barndominium with 3 beds & 2 bathes Floor plan

Here you get a simple floor plan for barndominium with 3 bedrooms. The family room, which is the center of social activities at home, occupies the largest area for optimal comfort. It blends seamlessly with the dining and kitchen area.

This layout makes it easy for you to reach food or snacks. The main bedroom is separated from the other 2 bedrooms, and far from the living room, for more privacy. Equipped with a modern private bathroom.

1750 sq. ft. Barndominium with 3 beds & 2 bathes Floor plan

If you want a larger and wider barndominium than the previous plan, this is for you. It has 3 bedrooms, with the master bedroom in a separate area, complete with its own modern bathroom.

When entering the house, a large family area greets you. The kitchen and dining room are in the same area for eating, easy snacking, or other delicious activities.

1750 sq. ft. Barndominium with 4 beds with 2 bathes inside Floor plan

With the same size of 1,750 square feet, this floor plan offers you barndominium 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms inside that.

The master bedroom has its own bathroom, while the other three share a neat bathroom. Family room is the most extensive. It shares a place with a kitchen and dining room with an open layout.

2000 sq. ft. Barndominium with 4 beds and 2 bathes outside Floor plan

You have here another barndominium 4 beautiful bedrooms. The complete bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate all your personal activities. Features a bathroom with a walk-in closet.

You can use the smallest room in the corner as a utility room or other. 3 bedrooms share a bathroom. The kitchen and dining room are in one area with the family area.

2500 sq. ft. Barndominium with 1 master beds, 3 additional bedrooms, and 2 bathes Floor plan

This barndominium floor plan flatens you with a spacious family area and neat bedrooms. It officially has 4 bedrooms, with a master bedroom and 3 additional bedrooms.

You can use all additional bedrooms as is, but as an alternative you can use one of them as a utility room. The master bedroom is equipped with a large bathroom and walk-in closet. The kitchen is set facing directly into the family room.

Have you been inspired to make barndorminium yourself? I hope so. And we also hope that you have exterior and interior inspiration for immediate full execution.

Farmhouse-Inspired Barn House

Do you have a big family? Go for it. This two-story residence really looks like a farmhouse and warehouse at the same time. You can turn it into a restaurant, grocery store or motel.

We guarantee that the Eldorade stone captures your guests’ eyes too. Red roof and patio ornaments add a cheerful tinge of color to the house.

With Basement

If you think of your barndominium floor plan, try this idea. Because it has a basement. It can be turned into your office, guest bedroom, playroom, or men’s cave.

Moreover, the exterior is painted with soothing colors, pale olives and ivory. They make the whole area feel trendy and friendly.

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