Best Bedroom Paint Colors

The right paint color ideas for bedrooms is dependent on who’s room it is and what they are going to be doing in there. The right colors for a newlywed couple will be dramatically different than a couple that has been tighter for 30 years or that of a child. This is because the bed room is used for more than just sleeping anymore.

For children, the considerations for the girls have to be different than those for the boys. It is just in the nature of being human. For the girls in your family, the mixture of pinks, light grays and black will give them a vibrant room they will be happy in. This can be in any arrangement they prefer from the walls being different colors to a zebra strip mixing the colors. The days of a room being all one color and plain are gone for this younger generation.

For the boys rooms the colors that will appeal to the most will be some shade of blue mixed in with light gray and yellow. This will not only be vibrant, but will help them to be creative. As the same for the girls, mix the colors around. It can be a simple strip set up or even checkered board effect.

For that bed room for the newlyweds, a few have enjoyed a firehouse red. This will set the mood every time the couple walks into it to relax and other things. For many a bright red is just too vibrant and a more subtle approach is needed. What helps to accent a room and give its character is for the couple to agree on a color and then use two different hues of it in the room. By painting the trim around the doors windows and possibly the crown molding in the darker shade with the walls the lighter hue, it will give the room character. Purples, yellows, greens and brown are idea for this kind of set up.

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The finish of the walls needs to be considered, especially if it is a young child’s room. They have been known to be mischievous and the need to have the walls so they are cleanable is a real need.

The use of a semi gloss washable finish is something many parents are really glad they have chosen for their children room. The reason being is that many children are sent to their rooms as a form of punishment. To have a washable coat of paint on the walls is a blessing many times. It might also be a good thing to consider a soothing color if you have a problem child. This can be as simple as having a light shade of blue, red or green on the walls.

No matter what shade of paint you decide to use for the bed room, make sure the person whose room it will be is asked and their choice considered. They are the ones that will have to live with the color choice the most.

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