Interesting Ideas for Designing Your Closet Door

Wardrobe doors are as important as storage space in a room. Your items will remain invisible. However, cupboard door decorations are often overlooked so that cupboard doors become a boring feature in the area.

This is needed to make a unique cabinet door idea to beautify your home decor. Style the cupboard door by installing a new decorative door or simply changing your existing door. Appearance and functionality might be the main things to consider before adding decorative designs to your closet.

For those of you who have high activity and high mobility, of course conventional doors will hamper your movement. To overcome this, you can replace the conventional door with a more attractive door.

Sliding and bifold doors, glass doors, screens or breezes are some of the door ideas that you can apply. Changing your door is relatively easy, you only need basic tools, you can turn your hinges into an easy-to-open door.

Sliding doors have advantages in terms of ease of use. When you use a sliding door, your room will open without a hitch. In addition, the bifold door is another alternative.

Closet Door Ideas

If you are currently thinking of starting a new one, maybe you need more than just paint and time. You can call a professional who can help you install your new door, especially if you choose a new door that has additional work such as making changes to the wall to follow the structure of your door. This work does cost more.

You can choose various types of doors that have attractive appearance with an easy installation process. In addition, you can apply the DIY concept to your door so that you get a new style in a short time. Here are ideas that you can apply to renew your door.

1. Curtains

If you are bored with door materials made of solid wood or plastic, you can use this idea. You can replace the material using a hung curtain. Curtains are used to add extra space and hide a messy closet.

If your closet door is outdated or unattractive, you can replace it by adding a curtain. This is an affordable solution for repairing your damaged bi-fold closet into a new style. Curtains and fabrics offer a different look for your storage.

Various kinds of room curtain designs can be adjusted to fit your home decor. To put a curtain in the closet, choose a size wider than the cabinet door frame.

You can attach a flat sheet to the curtain ring if you need a seamless preference. To replace the cabinet door with curtains, you need to install a tension rod on the track.

You can also put a pen on the wall to hang the curtain. In addition to revealing the soft side, texture, you can change the curtains easily according to your heart.

You can emphasize the theme of the room by choosing curtains based on colors and prints. For example, add a hanging cloth to get a romantic feel in the room.

Redecorating your closet door long the remaining fabric pieces will completely change the look of the area where the cupboard is placed. In addition, styles and products that can be chosen include grains, colorful sheets, and large curtains.

How to install it is also quite easy. You just have to hang a buffer on the door. Before you install the stand, you must measure the width and height of the support. So that the curtains you attach can be perfect.

2. Sliding Barn Doors

One option that you can apply is a sliding door. Sliding doors are very easy to use. With sliding doors will help you to feel the aura of the countryside. In designing sliding doors, you can do 2 techniques.

The first technique is that you insert the door into the wall. This requires wall restructuring. The second technique is that you hang your sliding door. Usually this technique is often used in many stores. Things to note are the materials and equipment used.

Sliding cupboard doors vary in many styles and materials. They include cloth screens, warehouse style doors, solid wood, wood particles, and mirror surfaces. The material is from wood, glass, mirrors, rattan and bamboo.

The sliding door challenges you to arrange things correctly because they only display half of the closet space at once. Minimalist bedrooms will be more elegant by adding modern glass sliding doors.

Modern sliding doors consist of several straight, slim lines and lines. The other minimalist sliding door is a wooden door design. Importantly, they are cost effective to install.

To maintain the sliding door, you can use a damp cloth, a sponge, and a soft brush. In order for the system to work smoothly, you need to lubricate the roller regularly. When the rollers are broken, they need to be replaced with new ones.

3. Bifold Closet Door

If you like traditional elements, then this design is for you. This is the solution to having more space when the door is open. The doors offer smooth action combining simple designs.

The gray color of the closet door blends with the wall. The door panel detaches from the walking element and simply fold it back to fit the rack.

You can paint the door using your favorite colors and decorations using knick knacks. In addition you can provide details in the form of interesting motifs or your favorite wallpaper.

4. Pop of Color

If you want a room that looks bright, you can use this idea. This design emphasizes the color composition used. You can do the color combination you like.

You can use bold colors like red, yellow, or purple that blend well with themes that are predominantly white and black. Pastel colors can also give you peace. In addition, you can give special color patterns to this design such as vertical and horizontal lines.

5. Glass Door

If you have a contemporary home design, you can use this door to support your activities. Using opaque glass material, you can hide the contents of your room while giving a new look.

You can also use acrylic material to replace your glass. Besides being safer, acrylic is also more economical than glass. Another advantage is the design that you can shape at will.

6. Chalkboard Paint

For those of you who have small children at home, this idea is right for you. Turn the door into a blackboard. By painting the door with whiteboard paint, you can make color modifications.

How to make an idea quite simple. You simply paint the door surface and dry it for several days. After the surface is dry, you can rub the surface using lime and remove it. Now the surface is ready for use. In addition, you can paint the entire door surface or only partially.

Hopefully this article can give you an inspiration.

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