5 Cloud Computing Certificates Necessary for Promotion and Salary Increase of IT Engineers

Layoffs! Valuation down! Not only is Silicon Valley entering a cold winter, but the cold wave of entrepreneurship in China is also coming.

With the weakening market demand for classic IT architecture and the impact of industry contraction, many technicians in traditional IT enterprises are also facing the risk of unemployment and career change.

But at the same time, the cloud computing market is growing rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down.

According to the survey results of IDC, a market research organization, in 2018, the cost of public cloud services will account for more than half of the increase in the cost of software, server and storage in the world.

With this synchronous growth, there is a greater demand for professional cloud computing and big data talents. In the next five years, this talent gap will be as high as 1.3 million.

How do IT senior employees realize technology transformation? How do IT novices overtake in the workplace corner? Obtaining professional cloud computing certification may be a good shortcut.

Through the investigation of major recruitment websites and the evaluation of foreign media, we carefully selected five cloud computing qualification certificates, which is also a sharp weapon for it engineers to get a raise and broaden their career development path.

I: CompTIA cloud Essentials – provided by the American Computer Industry Association

It is reported that the cloud essentials certificate covers the basic knowledge of cloud computing, and you can understand your personal understanding of cloud computing from the perspectives of business and technology.

CompTIA provides learning and training materials. The certified content is based on the solutions and opinions provided by top experts and organizations in the field of cloud computing, which is of practical significance.

For the all English test, the CompTIA computing technology industry association is also the most influential industry association in the global ICT field.

II: CCSK – provided by Cloud Security Alliance

This is by far the most internationally recognized cloud security certification.

The cloud security knowledge (CCSK) certification is vendor neutral and certifies the capabilities in the key cloud security field.

But for most Chinese, the certification is an all English test, which is inherently difficult.

III: Google certified cloud computing deployment expert

Google, one of the “top five” in cloud computing, also has its own cloud computing certification, which mainly investigates the basic cloud computing knowledge and skills of students who are not familiar with Google Apps business and education service design.

The certification threshold is relatively high. Students need at least 3-6 years of IT front-line experience.

IV: AWS certification – provided by Amazon AWS.

As the world’s largest cloud computing manufacturer, although AWS has a small number of users in China, it has a strong international reputation. Therefore, its cloud computing qualification certificate also has a great market influence.

Different positions have different requirements for AWS skills. The AWS certification system includes three categories: Solutions Architect, Developer and Sysops Administrator. Each category has two levels: Associate Level and Professional level. (Learn more about aws dumps)The examination of professional level is more difficult.

V: Alibaba cloud ACF and ACP professional certification – provided by Alibaba cloud

Different from the above four certifications mainly from abroad, Alibaba cloud, as the largest cloud computing platform in China, has a wide user base.

When recruiting technical posts, many enterprises have a requirement of “experience in Alibaba cloud related products is preferred”.

Therefore, if you are looking for a job opportunity in a domestic enterprise and obtain the relevant certification of Alibaba cloud, you will have a high cost performance.

Alibaba cloud has launched ACF (AliCloud Foundation) basic certification and ACP (AliCloud Professional) professional certification for cloud computing and big data talents, and will launch higher-level ACA (AliCloud Advanced) advanced certification and ACM (AliCloud Master) Master certification.

Provide corresponding course training and unified online certification examination according to the whole stage of basic, professional, advanced and master.

The cost is low, pay attention to practical operation, and provide free sandbox in the cloud. It is a relatively grounded cloud computing and big data certification examination at present.

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