Backyard Fire Pit Ideas to Comfort Your Night

Is there anything better than gathering around a campfire with friends and family? Drink wine, bake marshmallows, comfortably in front of a warm and crackling fire – seriously, you can’t beat it.

Whether you like to roast marshmallows or want a little warmth during cold summer nights, nothing is better than sitting around a fire pit. It’s easy to create an atmosphere when you have a burning fire.

However, ensure that you never run out of fuel during the gathering because you don’t want your guests to get bored and lose interest in the party. But, in case you do, you can seek assistance from a residential fuel oil delivery.

And with the assistance of Romeo’s Fuel, you get the benefit of bright fire pits in your home even when you run out of fuel. As a result, your friends and your family create unforgettable memories.

From a portable and closed outdoor fireplace up to a beautiful and open choice of concrete and steel, we bring up fifteen outdoor fire pit ideas, examples and shopping tips to help you turn things around. Actually there are many choices of styles out there – not to mention, many of them are affordable.

Open fire pits can come in many looks and styles, but there are two main types chosen – wood and gas. When you choose a fire pit design that uses wood, you get more shades of a bonfire, complete with crackling sounds and splashes that fly in the air.

Of course, you have to be a little more careful not to let it go out of control and make sure the fire comes out before you go to bed. The gas pit allows you to create the beautiful look you want with the ability to turn it off by flicking the switch.

Fire Pit Ideas

The fire pit is used as a warmer on winter nights. In addition to functioning as a heater, the fire pit also enhances the aesthetic value in the back of your garden. If you plan to have a fire pit behind your yard, we offer 12 creative ideas for you.

1. Flagstone Fire Ring

This fire pit design emphasizes the natural side. You can gather together with family around this fire pit. This fire pit is made of stone arranged in a large circle. This fire pit is suitable for heating and barbecue parties.

The stone holes from the stone look very neat and match almost all types of home decorations. They are very easy to make and are the perfect way to take advantage of your backyard space.

All you need to make this fire pit is brick, some glue or heavy duty cement. Just outline the area that you want to cover and work on.

2. Pirate Ship

As the name suggests, the design of a fire pit is a pirate ship. This design is a kind of metal (Do It Yourself) DIY. You can order this at a metal craftsman. If you like the pirate series, then this design is for you.

This is a great addition to a camp, as you see in the photo, but looks great in a medium-sized backyard. And who won’t quickly gather around the ‘burning’ ship, instead of a simple bonfire.

But it’s not only useful to look good for visitors. The actual deck of the boat is a grill, making it suitable for roasting runny hamburgers. This is also a creative way to make children interested in cooking, especially outdoor cooking.

3. Spa Fire Pit

This one fireplace is a fireplace that is classified as unique and modern. Fireplaces are built near your swimming pool, giving a comfortable and warm impression when you exit the pool.

4. Stone Bar

This fireplace is designed by combining elements of bars and fireplaces. If you want to feel the sensation of the bar as well as nature, you can use this design to fulfill your two desires at once.

5. Bowl of Fire

This design is made of concrete as well as cement formed half a ball. This design is quite simple and primitive. Even so, the elegant impression still emanates from this design. You can add frozen rocks in the concrete that has been formed to add an elegant impression.

6. Mix of the Elements

This design is a unique design because it combines two different elements namely water and fire. This design is made by making a fountain in the middle in the form of a fireplace. This design is perfect for gathering and relaxing with your business partners.

7. Oriental Outdoor Fire

This design combines two different elements, namely modern and minimalist. By carrying these two elements creates an elegant blend of this fireplace. In addition, this fireplace is also designed to be more privacy by only providing one bench. The impression is romantic.

8. Minimalist Fire Pit

As the name suggests, this fireplace design only requires an iron box inside which is filled with firewood. This design is very simple, suitable for those of you who are alone and need peace and warmth.

9. Geometric Fire Pit

As with the minimalist fireplace design, this design also uses an iron box. However, the geometry of the metal box used is in the form of a pyramid with its pointed tip cut. This fireplace is suitable for those of you who want to relax at home after a long journey.

10. DIY Fire Pit

This fireplace design is a design that you can do yourself. Creativity and imagination are needed in designing this fireplace. If you don’t have enough budget or time, you can make this fireplace using a heating furnace where the surrounding stones are supported to add a natural impression. The design of the fireplace is very easy and can be made at any time with existing equipment.

11. Granite Fire Pit

For those of you who have a fairly large budget, you can make a fireplace using granite. By arranging granite rocks in a circle, you will get a fireplace with an elegant impression because of the patterns found on granite.

12. Recycled Cable Wire Fire Pit

If you have a metal cable that is long enough, you can design a fireplace using the cable. To make this design, imagination and creativity are needed so that the design results are quite interesting. The material for making this requires only used cables.

That’s 12 interesting ideas for designing your fireplace. Interested in trying it, right?

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