Geo Whale Doormat Design Ideas

Geo Whale Doormat – The mat is one of the cleaning tools comprised of fibers or rigid fibers and usually attached or bonded into one thin section.

The shape of the doormat almost always changes from fabric, fine hairs, strings, wires, to the attachments of natural fibers. At first, the mats had rectangular shapes, but the original shape was varied into several shapes and worn as usual for the legs.

Mats can be tied to be framed like wood to be able to last longer, either made of rubber, or from atoms.

The use of doormats in front of the door of the room is often underestimated because of its presence which is only considered as a complementary room.

But in fact the doormat also works for many things for the security of the owner of the house. The presence of a doormat is also used as the first greeter. Suppose a mat on ‘welcome’

Here are the mat functions corresponding to the space:

1. Living Room and Bedroom

All the impression guests will have on you first will be reflected through a doormat in your home. If you’re one of those people who underestimate the presence of a doormat, by not taking care of it well. So it could be a dirty mat that is in your home will make the impression your guests on the less good.

Conversely, if your foot mat is clean and comfortable when on foot, the initial impression of guests visiting your home will also be good.

The type of carpet material is very decisive where should this small object is placed. You must be smart in choosing materials to keep your family members safe.

For example for the living room and bedroom, you can choose the mat with the top made of cotton.

So when on the foot will feel soft and smooth. For the bottom of the mat is a good idea to be made of latex that serves to make the mat into anti-skid.

2. Terrace Home

The main function of the doormat is placed on the terrace area of ​​the house is to clean the feet affected by dirt and soil before entering the house.

For that, the most suitable mat mats to be placed on the terrace is a mat that shaped iron or PVC plastic plates so that the foot can be cleaned properly.

Carpets with this material are also certainly more resistant to dirty than a doormat placed in the room.

3. Bathroom

The main function of the doormat placed in front of the bathroom door is so that you do not slip when out of the bathroom because of your feet are usually wet with water spray. For that, use a water mat that has a good water absorption and anti-skid.

When the doormat is moist, then you can dry it in the sun. To keep it clean, you must also replace and wash the doormat.

4. Kitchen

Door mats placed in the kitchen area is better placed under the sink. The goal is that the water dripping down the sink can be absorbed by the doormat and does not make the kitchen muddy. For that, you can use a foot mat that has a cloth with good absorption.

Types Of Doormat

Various types of mats scattered on the market from expensive to economical prices, but that we do not wrong choose the mat especially from the side of the composition of the material. Here are the types of foot mats.

Coconut Palm Doormat

Palm fibers or coconut fibers use the basic ingredients of woven doormat or coconut fiber mat.

Mat Matting

Mat Matting using materials from woven iron wire. The mat is in the form of hard perforated to knock dirt on the Shoe.


This mat is made of PVC material capable of cleaning the dirt and absorb water.

Woven Cloth Matters / Woven Rags

This mat is using the main material of patchwork / scrap cloth / scrap is not used. The use of a patchwork or loom mat when the sequence is done by weaving it. The price is very economical.

Doormat Towels / Bath Mat

This mat uses cotton towel or polymer cloth.

Character Mats

The character mats use woll material, stitched with machine and anti-skid. The design is usually in the form of animation and 3D.

Well, one of the most popular character mat is GEO WHALE DOORMAT.

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