Various Minimalist Interior Design Ideas That Attract You Must Try

Currently the popular interior design concept is minimalist, the essence of minimalist home interior design is that residents can enjoy a house that is actually small or simple but with a smart arrangement the house becomes wider, calm and relaxed.

Some of the things that are often encountered in minimalist home interior design concepts are that everything in the house plays a role in accordance with its function. Like a chair will only be a chair, not just a display or decoration of sweetener inside the house. In order for this interior design concept to run well in the house, the occupants of the house must really keep the house still looking neat, clean and comfortable. So that even though the house is laid out with a minimalist home interior design concept, but if it is rarely trimmed, the minimalist impression will still be lost.

The minimalist interior design that is nicely arranged will be able to spoil its residents. However, to be able to implement a minimalist home design, some urbanites complain of limited space, designs that are difficult to apply, and lack of inspiration in doing home interior design. For this reason, the following are home interior design inspirations that are popular and easy to apply.

With three dominant colors, namely white, black and gray, the interior design of the house in the living room can look harmonious even though it uses neutral colors. If it’s not good at integrating with other furniture, surely the appearance tends to be boring. For that, adding white to the carpet on the floor with a black base will create a neat balance. Even more complete appearance combined with a 2 seater gray sofa. So that the wall doesn’t look empty, then you can decorate the wall with several wall art.

White is never wrong. Choosing white as the dominant color for the wall will always be right combined with any furniture, one of which is Cessi Dining Chair. Sturdy dining table with solid wood material adds to the completeness of the meal. Even so, with a black hanging lamp, it reinforces the impression of a clean look and is also a balance of white. In order to look more alive, you can bring freshness from indoor ornamental plants in pots, as well as table decorations in the form of transparent flower vases with nets as decorative accents.

Familiarity in the family room can be presented with vinyl as a flooring that creates a warm impression. Minimalist home design using natural colors is also easily combined with any color L sofa. The use of L sofas that “break the rules” because they are not placed in the corner of the room can look sweet with the presence of a unique pentagonal side table. Relaxing impressions arise with the sofa recliner at the end of the room which is perfect for playing games, taking a break, even for sleeping because it is adjustable to be set in reclining mode.

Putting a pouf or pillow sitting in the family room can be a perfect ornament to make the interior design of the house more fun. Minimalist home designs are decorated using functional decorations like pouf, guaranteed to make you more comfortable lingering in enjoying quality time in this room with your family. Make sure you choose Pouf with a solid color with the composition of the room.

Using a sofa bed as a decoration that is suitable for minimalist home interior design can provide a relaxed atmosphere. This multifunctional furniture is very appropriate to decorate the family room, especially for those of you who have a room that is not too large in size. An important point in carrying out minimalist home design and room arrangement is to maximize the function of occupancy and furniture, one of which is by choosing versatile furniture.

White color in a minimalist home design will bring peace while in the bedroom. Do not need a lot of decoration, you can still sleep comfortably while having the appearance of a charming bedroom. Minimalism does give a sweet home interior look. Add a few pillows with a cover that has a unique motif such as tribal or abstract from a mixture of several colors. Do not forget the blanket with a different color with white, so that the impression of warmth can be obtained when sleeping in a dream. So that the interior design of the room does not look too monotonous, then raise the mood in the bedroom with decorative lights arranged around the wall. Also include your happy moment in a polaroid print photo that is hung by a wooden clip so that its natural accent is maintained.

The interior of the house in the bedroom must be as comfortable as possible. Because almost one third of the time in the day is spent resting, the interior design that makes sleeping sound is an important factor. Minimalist home design, especially in beds can be inspired from Scandinavian style. A very thick characteristic is seen on the floor using wood material. Scandinavian-style house designs are inspired by nature, so many use eco-friendly materials. You can highlight the nuances of nature with the ornamental plants in pots and ornamental plants that are hung on the bed frame. A minimalist Scandinavian house famous for its clean appearance and not many decorations but still can be seen aesthetically. The use of furniture in a minimalist home interior design requires a bedroom and a pair of side tables with a minimalist style.

Fresh and fresh atmosphere like every day vacation can you bring with a tropical minimalist home design. The interior of the house with tropical style is suitable to be applied in Indonesia because of the weather that supports it. Providing nuances of environmentally friendly home design can be created with furniture made from natural materials, such as tropical wood with a special layer of wood paint for a more beautiful look. You can use colors that support a minimalist design in a tropical style by combining bright colors like orange, dark blue, navy blue, green, or a blend of blue and green like Tosca colors. Flooring on tropical house designs is suitable if using light brown colors such as sand or clay colors such as terracotta.

Don’t have a private workspace at home? It doesn’t matter. Placing work space in a room can be fun, you know. You can create the illusion of the interior of the house between the workspace and the bed to make it look separate. Use a curtain with motifs that you like or separate it from the furniture in the room like a closet.

If indeed there is no space to put a work desk, just create a floating table and attach it to the wall of the room. Narrow room space turns out to be able to bring up creative ideas. But try not to store items on this floating table, huh. Keep the items on a special shelf or can add a few layers of floating shelves to put stationery or other office supplies.

The wall is one place that can be maximized in terms of home interior design without having to expand the room. You can also apply this if you want to create a personal workspace in the bedroom. In order for the design of the bedroom with a work space to be fresher and full of energy, you can polish it with a spirit of color like a combination of Tosca and Cream, or red with blue. Combine it with some natural colors to make it beautiful, or you can also create a bedroom design with a workspace using wall decorations with pop art themes so that work productivity increases.

Alternatively, you can use Pegboard to enhance minimalist home interior design. Pegboard will be able to make your rooms neater, especially for those who have a lot of goods, it will certainly be easier to find. Actually the use of pegboard for home interior design can not only be placed in the bedroom. You can put a pegboard as an organizer in the living room, even in the kitchen to arrange a variety of kitchen spices.

Home Interior Design Ideas

There are various ideas of minimalist home interior design that you can try if you want to have a home interior with attractive design and one of them is using a white minimalist sofa in your home.

Another idea you can try is to use a wall sticker to make the wall in your house look attractive and of course, the idea is not the last idea you can try.

In addition to these ideas, other home interior design ideas that you can try to make a minimalist kitchen design that is not complicated but will look elegant in your home.

One more idea that you can try in your home if you want to have a home interior that looks interesting is the idea of ​​designing the interior of the house to make the house interesting by way of designing a minimalist bedroom with modern furniture.

Other home interior design ideas that you can try to make an interesting interior design of the house by using a wooden floor with an attractive wooden parquet floor motif.

By applying the idea, you can make the interior of your house look attractive and elegant so that your home interior becomes more unsightly.

Home Interior Design Ideas for Minimalist Space Narrow

If you want to have a house with minimalist home interior design and your home is fairly narrow, there are interior design ideas that are suitable for your home.

The idea is to use a variety of short or small furniture in your home such as, for example, chairs and small tables. In addition to using chairs and small tables, you can also use a shelf that you can temple on the wall to save space in your home.

In short, if you have a narrow house, you must know that there is an interior design idea for a small room that you can try in your home so that the room in your house looks attractive.

Interior Design Modern Minimalist Home

for a house with a modern design is not so difficult to arrange modern minimalist home interior because it is very easy to get home decoration items that are modern and you can get it like through internet and modern mall.

And if you want your home does not look monotonous like the design of the other houses you can use wallpaper for your wall and for those of you who are home type minimalist good not to use wallpaper that is so crowded because the main characteristic of minimalist house that looks simple.

Simple Interior Design House

In the design of a simple home interior is sometimes a bit difficult because in the house with this design classified not too broad so you should be right in putting your home treatment so choose furniture that has a multifunction in this way you can save the use of goods in the house and at least you must be true – properly choose your home appliances you need.

Although you have a simple home design does not mean you can not use the modern interior because now there are many items that have a modern nature but not so much place for example you can use the LCD TV and you can install it on the wall of the house so you are enough to reduce use of your home space.

Here is a picture of various examples of minimalist home interior design simple and modern minimalist house that you can see below as a reference material or to facilitate you in getting an interior design ideas what you will make. hopefully the following sample design is useful for those of you who want to rearrange your home.

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