Minimalist Window Design Ideas for Your House [Images]

Window Design – Minimalist house is a house that has a simple appearance, elegant, and modern for both exterior and interior.

Impressive home appearance can be seen from the exterior first, therefore for exterior design is very important for a minimalist home, and to support the exterior of the house in addition to the shape of the house but you also need a minimalist window design.

The main function of the window is as air ventilation, but in addition the window can also add to the appearance of the house more attractive but with the provision of laying the window in the right place with the shape and size of the window is balanced with the house.

Minimalist House Window Design

For minimalist home window design should be adjusted to the shape of the house if the house has a simple form for the window also with a simple model, and enough of aluminum material, but if your home has a traditional impression with a blend of wood or natural stone on the wall then for windows, you can also choose from wood with an interesting model.

As for the color of windows also need to be balanced with the color of the window wall.

Generally for each room has a different window model, such as for living room and bedroom, you can not equate the model and color of the window because the needs of each room is different so must be tailored to the needs as well.

So that the window appearance can last long, then for the quality also looking for good quality materials.

House Minimalist Window Size

The size of a minimalist home window should also be noted, for the size you have to adjust to the size of the wall that will occupy the window, if the wall width then the window in use can also be many and elongated.

Because this window is complementary to the appearance of the house, then the balance between the two is necessary.

To add to the appearance of the window you can also add a curtain with interesting motifs that are customized with the room.

If you are still confused to determine the window on your house, then you can also consult with the architect who holds the construction of your home, because it needs a lot of calculations for window design.

Minimalist House Window Design Ideas

In the latest minimalist window of many models you can choose from the open window up to the pull up, many variations of the window of interest to your home, but if you want a typical window of Indonesia then blend the window with wood, and if you want a window lightweight alluminium material is the right choice.

For security, if you feel less home security if there is a window, then you can also add terails on the window, especially for the child’s room, the window with a trellis is very appropriate.

1. Classic Window

2. White Window

3. Classic Window With Beautiful Flower

4. Minimalist Window with Frosted Glass Finishing

5. Minimalist Window With Movie Glass

6. Minimalist Window With Stained Glass decoration

7. The Minimalist Window Using the Screen

8. Minimalist Window with Folding Screens

9. Minimalist Window with Artwork

10. Minimalist Window with Curtains and Cover

Minimalist House Window Gallery

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