Several Tips to Start Your RV Camper Life

If you have the idea of switching and living in an RV, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to especially regarding the items that will be used. Before you start living in an RV, you need to write down everything you have.

We know, this is a terrible task, but there really isn’t a better way to organize your RV or small space than knowing exactly what you have.

The next step, you can get rid of everything you don’t use at least once a year. If you don’t live in an RV, We recommend doing this after every RV trip.

You also need to determine the layout of each of your equipment. Keys, your fly swatter, change, bicycle helmets, RV bins – you name it. This is the only way you can get an RV to stay organized.

One thing you must understand is that you must be strict with the rules “One item comes in, one item comes out”. This is a great way to stay above your organization’s goals.

Every time you bring something new to the RV, the old one must get out. For example, if you bring a new sweater to the RV, the old sweater must be removed. This rule will help you improve old items without saving a lot of unnecessary chaos.

In addition, you need to schedule a cleaning every week to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of your place. After you do all these things, here are some tips that you can apply to your items.

Safe Knife by Camping World

A good alternative to magnetic strips for storing knives is a safe knife by Camping World. However, I’m still not sure I will leave them in this case while driving.

Lazy Susans

If you don’t know what Lazy Susan is, it’s basically a rotating plate. They are awesome! You can use it in the fridge or in the cupboard to easily get the items behind.

Bungee Place your RV to the Wall

Sometimes over-the-door bins are too small, and you need something bigger. Just take a bigger bin and use some bungee cords and eye hooks to tie it to the wall; viola, ready-cellular RV bins that don’t block!

Spice Hanging Rack for Bathroom Equipment

Paint the Ikea spice rack to fit your bathroom cabinet, then use it as a storage rack for bathroom supplies.

Change the shape of your bed into a closet or office

This is the idea of saving trailer travel space because most motor homes do not have bunk beds. It can be annoying to have space used for something you don’t need or want there.

If you have bunk beds, but don’t use them, you might feel the same way. If you feel cunning, try changing that space into an office to make full use of every square inch of your rig.

Table Lamp with Electrical Outlet

This tip is less for organizing and saving space, and more to supply your RV with electrical outlets that you can reach without bending.

Our RV has an outlet under the dining table that we use when we work on our laptops, and it’s really troublesome to get in there to put things in.

After you find out some items that you can use in an RV. Next you should consider the following if you plan to live in an RV.


You have to decide whether your possessions or your desire to live a simpler, lighter, more important life. Most people who become full-time workers sell their homes and all but one of their vehicles (vehicles that pull their travel units or are pulled by them).

They also shed furniture, artwork, anything that takes up a lot of space (such as hobby materials, holiday decorations, a box of family photos, libraries, magazines, newspapers or collectibles), pets, unless they are very small, large electronic items, clothes excess (especially large items), duplicate household items (such as second set of plates and silverware), decorator items, heavy cleaning equipment (such as full-sized vacuum cleaners), duplicate tools and recreational equipment (such as kayaks, skis) and equipment clumsy exercise).

Some people find it difficult to make the transition at once, so they put their things in a storage unit that they can rent per month. Those who are fortunate enough to place their belongings at the home of a family member or good friend buy a storage warehouse. In the long run, this is cheaper than renting units and often safer.

A one-time purchase of a warehouse will pay for itself in one year or more, and it can be sold later if people decide to return to live at home or sell their things because they feel their new lifestyle functions for them.

Saving things makes people feel safer and gives them “a way out” if they change their mind. This also allows them to store their most valuable items in a way that does not make them crowded.

Your Coach

When you live in limited space, comfort and privacy are important. Therefore you must ensure that the unit you use to live full time is large enough to serve your purpose and have everything you need to make yourself comfortable. Otherwise you will be miserable.

Trainers are assessed for living and traveling in various types of weather. It is best to choose an all-weather unit to ensure that it will withstand temperature differences and feel comfortable wherever it is.

If you join the RV Consumer Group, you will be able to access books and magazines that provide this and other important information for each brand, model, and year of a particular motorbike or camping house. It costs a little to do this, but can save money and problems in the long run


It might not be a good idea to work full time with children because RV parks are not the safest place for them and rarely offer child-friendly facilities. Also, too much of the body causes great discomfort, and more than two people who live in the largest unit definitely create problems.

Children living in a coach are translated into clothes, medicines, special food, special equipment, and toys. People work full time with children on board, but that is not the most pleasant way to live. Traveling is one thing, but everyday life is another.


Staying in touch for personal or business matters is important, but it is easy to manage lately. One only needs cellphones, laptops with wireless capabilities and sometimes mail forwarding services.

Mail forwarding services are not expensive (only $ 10 per month plus shipping costs), safe and comfortable. When you use it, you automatically become the official resident of the country where the service is located.

Registering is very easy:

– Select the service you want to use.
– Send changes to the official address to the local Post Office.
The Post Office then sends all your incoming mail to the service instead of your old address, and the service saves it until you call to tell them where to send it.

Mail forwarding services generally can be started or stopped as needed, but each company has its own rules, so it is wise to know what they are before registering. The best and most reasonable I know is offered by The Good Sam Club, but you may have to join to access this benefit.

There is always a delay when using this method, and it costs a little because you have to pay shipping costs in addition to the monthly fees. However, if you do not have a home base or have not made an agreement with someone you trust to handle your letter, that is the only way you can access your letter.


Many people like to keep animals with them in their coaches, but the reality is this can also create problems. They need special equipment, toys, medicines and food. Some parks do not allow it or require residents who have it to camp in special areas and pay additional fees. There are also usually size and type requirements.

In addition, some pets can smell the RV, dirty, damage the seats and cabinets and leave hair, fleas and ticks everywhere. If they interfere with other campers in any way or their master does not take their waste, the park will stop the rental of lots, issue the offender and will refuse to give refunds.

The most successful pet situation that I saw was a situation where people kept very small dogs, washed and cared for them regularly and took them out just to do their business. People traveling with lots of animals, big dogs, pigs (yes, pigs!) And horses might not expect to do well with full time.

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