Best Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

House is the place that everyone needs in order to stay secure and safe.

There are many parts of the house that we needed such as a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

Some people perhaps rather buy food outside than have to cook in the house, however, some people think that the kitchen is important.

Especially for those who love to cook will try their best to make the kitchen area comfortable.

That’s why there are so many designs for people who would like to have their own comfortable cooking area.

Simple Kitchen Design

Today in this article, I will show you 15 inspiration of simple kitchen! Enjoy!

1. Low Budget Simple Kitchen with Wood

Expensive things can be so stressful sometimes but why don’t just have the clean and pretty kitchen with a low budget price?

This simple kitchen design is a brilliant choice for you who love clean whites and wood.

To have fun accents, you can have colour tiles.

2. Modern All-White Kitchen

The traditional kitchen can be so boring sometimes, that is why a lot of designers make the kitchen design into the pleasantly aesthetic or modern.

This very simple small kitchen is another great way to have! Even though it smalls at least you can fit your dining table near it!

3. Concrete Simple Kitchen

Concrete is very popular as their modern or luxury looks.

This simple kitchen with a concrete design is absolutely everything! The cabinets are so beautiful and clean.

This design is one of the examples for you to have small spaces shelf for your food ingredients.

The cabinet can also turn into the dining table at the same time, it saves more money, right?

4. Small Kitchen Space

Another design for a small kitchen, this design is suitable for you who lives in the studio size of the apartment.

Use the light colour to brighten the kitchen area since they are small like whites.

Also, you can have a pattern in the wall too as the accent in your kitchen area.

The cabinets that can be turned into a dining table is such a brilliant idea and save more space to your small apartment!

5. Small Outside Kitchen

It is really fun to have a pool in the house, however, it will be more fun to have a small kitchen area near the pool!

It’s like having a party every day, right? This clever idea is suitable for you who have a huge house with a pool.

The simple kitchen design like this is a great choice to have, You only need 2 or 3 cabinets and stove as the kitchen area, that’s it!

6. Minimalist Style for Kitchen

White can be so boring sometimes. There are so many colours that can be turned into modern design especially this bol green olive colour!

The softness of the colour is very gorgeous to combine with the pallet wood of the wall and the cabinets.

Kitchen with the window is also a nice area since you need air circulation while cooking.

7. Cafe Style Simple Kitchen

If you love the atmosphere of a coffee cafe and want to steal the inspiration then this is for you! This cafe style simple kitchen brings the calmness and mood.

An unfinished coat like bricks can be the perfect pattern to have cafe style also it looks really nice with the plain white cabinets of your kitchen.

8. Black and White Theme Kitchen

Black and white are one of the combinations of aesthetic colour.

You may love this simple minimalist look for your kitchen for those who do not like colourful or patterns.

This kitchen is also very manly so it belongs to man as well.

You can have all white cabinets also have black bar stool to make them black and white theme.

9. Yellow Accent Kitchen

If you love fun kitchen looks, then maybe this one is perfect for you! It is very nice to have wood cabinets and have white walls but to make it eye-catching?

Use bright yellow for the bar stool, this idea will change the whole perspective!

10. Colourful Fun Minimalist Kitchen

Well, to have 2 tone colour for your kitchen theme can be fun but how about 4 tonnes of colours? It is crazy and good at the same time.

To make your pastel 4 tones kitchen, you only need to choose pastel colour and have the white as the background!

11. Black Kitchen Wall with Chalk Paint

If you love to draw and want to make your kitchen looks so much fun then have chalk paint on the wall is a brilliant idea, you can always change your drawings every day!

Also, the idea like this can bring the comic atmosphere in the kitchen, which is very cool!

12. Elegant Simple Kitchen

If you love nature, then this design is for you! Having the elegant kitchen with big windows is the perfect one!

All-white with a wood accent is complete will bring the elegant and the big window helps you to see the beautiful view outside your kitchen!

13. Traditional Kitchen

To have different kinds of the kitchen with brilliant designs can be so fun but also expensive however to have the simple kitchen you do not have to spend so much money.

The traditional kitchen design like this can be comfortable for your cooking space as well!

14. Rustic Simple Kitchen

Rustic is very popular as the style for interior design.

Especially, kitchen design can be simple too with rustic style.

Bring the big wood pallet of dining table and wood chandelier to make the kitchen area rustic but also elegant!

15. Tiny Kitchen Area

Yup, simple kitchen design for your tiny house also exist!

This cute tiny kitchen is also very fun, you may have a colourful cabinet with a bright colour to make it looks cute at the same time!

Also, the window in the tiny kitchen area is absolutely necessary!

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