Best Small Kitchen Ideas You’ll Wish You Tried Sooner

Small kitchen designs maximise the utility of a space. Small kitchen designs require a lot of planning, but can be just as beautiful as their larger counterparts.

You can usually incorporate the characteristics and features of the high end kitchens you love, as long as you scale the ideas to your space. Ensure no one feature overpowers your space such as a pendant light that is too big or too numerous.

Think carefully about your cabinets. Many companies have smart storage systems that maximise storage. Drawers can usually store much more within easy access than shelves.

Similarly there are many different styles of lazy susan fittings to increase storage capacity in corner cupboards. Extra Tall overhead cabinets and pantries can make use of all available space for storage.

Similarly it’s possible to have drawers on your kick boards to make use of the space under your kitchen cabinets!

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