Elegant Wainscoting Ideas and Design

Wainscoting is most likely found covering all walls, ceilings and kitchen cabinets. In general, people know it as a wainscoting bead board and is usually used in small rooms. In short, a bead board is installed only 1/3 of the wall.

The top is decorated with chair rails and the bottom is decorated with a wainscoting bead board.Wainscoting is one of the important aspects in designing a house. In addition to protecting the wall from blisters and stains, wainscoting also functions as an accessory to support the warmth and style of the room.

Wainscoting is able to add aesthetic value to a plain room. Wainscoting materials are made of solid wood panels, today there are several new materials such as plastic, plywood or MDF sometimes using bricks, tiles and ceramics. To get the size you want, custom size can be done according to your design.

Wainscoting Ideas

In adding wainscoting to your design, there are 2 things you need to pay attention to so that your wainscoting looks interesting, namely the installation of wainscoting and size of wainscoting. When you are doing a home renovation or designing a house by installing your own wallpaper, it would be better to use the services of a contractor.

Besides saving energy, you get satisfying results. In addition, you can buy wainscoting that is ready to install. There are many styles, colors, and styles that you can find on the market that fit your decor.

Another important part that you need to pay attention to in adding wainscoting is high of wainscoting. This height determines how the appearance of wainscoting and its impact on the wall decor of your room. By knowing the height, the appearance of wainscoting will beautify your room.

There are several points for using wainscoting in your room. In general, wainscoting height is up to one third of the wall. However, you can adjust the height to your liking, it is not a standard rule.

You can also measure the width of the wall then divided by the number of wainscoting panels that you want, and specify the size of each panel.

Here are some elegant wainscoting ideas.

1. Curved and Classic

For those of you who are bored with the form of square or rectangular wainscoting, this type of design can be an alternative.

This design emphasizes curvature and dark colors to make it look elegant. For those of you who want to make a formal, elegant and mature room, this design is perfect for you.

2. Masculin

Masculin design emphasizes firmness, strength and courage. This design is combined with light brown and dark yellow to give the feel of masculinity. The details given in this design feel stiff, perfect for those of you who want to show their identity in this room.

3. Fresh and Modern

This type of design gives a graceful impression with a touch of many pastel colors. As the name suggests, this design puts forward a modern and minimalist side and is combined with simple, luxurious furniture. For those of you who like elegant and simple designs, you must try this design.

4. Crisscross Design

This type of design emphasizes uniqueness and modernity. This design provides a lot of detail in your room and lots of geometry that will be used. This type requires a lot of material due to complexity and geometry.

5. Warm

Wainscoting with the warm concept emphasizes the combination of colors that are not bright. So that the comfort obtained makes you comfortable to linger in the room.

6. Picture Perfect

For those of you who like photography and like to save moments as photos, this design can support your hobby. With this design, the moments that you capture can be arranged neatly with a combination of beautiful motifs. In addition, the use of colors in this design generally uses soft colors.

7. Contemporary Meets Classic

Now here’s a new view of old classics – crotch, the kind you can imagine from an old, rustic, western house in Cormac McCarthy’s novel: half-walled and generous wall hangings, celebrated in style with licks of fresh white paint. The bay windows and decadent fireplaces, coupled with brilliant white wood floors, make this scene perfect.

In addition, the contemporary elements of the room, such as a four-poster bed, and wooden gloss floors combine a harmonious blend of modern and traditional. This completes the look and provides a space that is challenging for age and glamor.

8. Timeless Bathroom

Clean, smooth, fresh like a spring morning, this is a bathroom that sings with style and smooth allure. The designers here have really managed to embrace the indelible shades of the cottage.

Equipped with light wood floors that are not lacquered and ingenious installments from the white center table with matching duel sinks, symmetry really sings – lights to match the sink, and half-tiles for the wainscot wallpaper panel to bring everything home.

9. Incorporating Furniture

For real rural style and class, consider a few wainscot walls with furniture that is joined together. This delightful sectional window chair gently folds around the open window space and injects the charm of the cottage along with the characteristics of a beautiful old world. In addition, spaces like this offer multipurpose storage space.

Simply install several gas lift hinges under the seat and you will have the perfect location for the necessary tableware, linen and storage of home accessories. To complete this look, the large tiled floor is easy to maintain, and its shady egg shells with matching wall panels instill a sense of sophistication in class and countryside.

End the appearance with natural noiseless cushions, raw wood furniture and a cup of English-style breakfast tea, for a quiet, refined yet truly timeless room.

10. Palatial Dining

Luxurious ceilings, Versaille chandeliers, candle walls, oh my! When you are done in the lounge, have dinner in this luxurious lounge (not far from a ballroom).

Made for a smooth and elegant effect, the star of this show is without doubt a soft yellow butter wall mounted on nine with a period panel. Add the arches of painted windows and soft white door frames and you sit on the absolute lap of luxury.

With so many styles available, you can find a style that suits you and perfect your home. With the right choice, you can change a simple room to be more beautiful. Good luck trying it out!

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