Best Walk in Closet Ideas and Design

Having closet will really be so much helpful because it can give a more space in your bedroom for not having big cupboard.

The walk in closet is also good idea for building because it can make you easy to arrange all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Walk in Closet Ideas

Now, if you are still confused about the closet design, you can get the inspiration here.

1. White Frames Using Wire

The walk in closet is about the quick and easy way to reach all the clothes.

Using the wire as your walk in closet frame is the best choice.

It can be both functional and decoration. This will be the most practical storage you have ever had.

2. Shelving Units to Tidiness Appearance

Adding a shelving unit will be great for you because it has a function to make your shirt tidy.

You can buy the additional shelving from many popular home décor shops.

You can keep your folded clothes and pants inside this shelf.

3. Wooden Ceiling Walk in Closet

The use of ceiling is good for a walk in closet. Ceiling can be built from the wood material because it is long last and also strong.

This ceiling can also be redecorated your walk in closet. Give a same color paint with your wall and cabinets will be good and balance ambience.

4. Minimalist Walk-in Closet

The minimalist closet will be suitable for modern and small home.

This walk in closet looks simple yet stunning and eye catching.

Everything is under the right place and it makes the room more tidy.

Using the very simple closet rod and some shelves are enough.

5. Vertical Walk-in Closet

Maximizing the vertical space will give a very functional closet.

If you only have small house, this closet idea will be rightful.

You can put your clothes and also shoes with some folded clothes inside the walk-in closet.

6. Cubby Boxes Walk-in Closet

You can also put the cube boxes as your closet storage.

This idea will help you to keep many more clothes and stuff.

With different box for every type of clothes, you can easily reach them.

Organizing your closet with these boxes will make the room tidier.

7. Small Organizer Walk-in Closet

Small closet will be really hard to get the right cabinetry.

This will push the owner to think more creative.

If you can arrange your room, you can use small organizer and also put the wall cabinet or hanger.

It will save more space and also it gives a neat appearance.

8. Two Storage Walk-in Closet

The room of your closet sometimes bigger than your own bedroom.

This will be nice if you have more clothes and shoes to organize, you can build more storage.

People usually use these two storage to help them keep the clothes in different group.

9. Stairs Walk-in Closet

Using the free room behind the stairs will be great.

This can save more space since you don’t need any other room.

You can use the space under your bedroom as the walk-in closet.

10. Lofted Walk in Closet

The easiest way to have your own closet is by using the lofted bed.

This will give your more space under the bed so you can build your own walk-in closet.

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