5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Bespoke

It’s rare that you walk into someone else’s living room, bathroom, hallway or bedroom to find they have exactly the same furniture/décor as you, but this happens frequently with kitchens.

This is because kitchens are tricky to design and make to say the least, mostly because they need to encompass highly functional appliances and workstations.

For this reason, lots of homeowners head to kitchen showrooms and buy kitchens from a display.

There are a few ways you can customize a showroom kitchen through different color countertops or units, but aside from this and the size, you stand a high chance of your kitchen looking exactly the same as a thousand other people’s kitchens.

We all want our homes to look and feel bespoke and to reflect who we are as people, but it can be hard to translate this into a kitchen environment.

Whilst you might not be able to fully customize your worktop of the general foundation of your kitchen, there are ways you can make it stand out from everyone else’s, and here are five of them.

1. Knobs and Handles

Many modern kitchen units don’t have handles and knobs, but if yours does, this is one way you can inject some of your personality into it.

By removing the generic handles and knobs featured on your kitchen and installing kitsch ones reminiscent of your interests and style, you can instantly give your kitchen a personal feel.

You can buy unique knobs and handles from a range of online stores, ensuring you’ll find one that is right for your style and that matches you as a person as well as can be.

2. Wine Rack

You’d be hard pressed to find a kitchen that doesn’t have a wine rack, and even it’s not used for wine, most people will have one to store other beverages on/in.

A wine rack presents the perfect opportunity to make your kitchen more bespoke because you can use almost any material to make a unique wine rack, including car parts, crates and old furniture.

You can make one of any size, any shape and any color, giving you a piece of storage that is totally tailored to you and your needs.

3. LED Strip Lights

Kitchen lights tend to be harsh and bright; if they weren’t, you’d struggle to see what you’re doing which can be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your kitchen more dynamic and trendy through the use of lights.

LED strip lights are great for customizing your kitchen because they can be discretely stuck underneath cupboard and drawer ledges.

You can get lights of all colors and intensities and have them as a solid light or sequence them in a specific pattern.

4. Tiles

Kitchen tiles are possibly the easiest way you can customize your kitchen. You can purchase decals to make your plain tiles more tailored to your personality, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money either.

If you have plain white tiles, you can add some color through decals; likewise, you can add a more dynamic feel through the use of patterns and prints.

This is a project that won’t take much time, but that can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen in an instant – and on a budget.

5. Cupboards

Another easy way you can make your kitchen look more unique is by sanding down your kitchen cupboards and painting them a shade that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a kitchen showroom.

Popular shades include pastels and bright colors like blue, purple and green, but the possibilities are endless.

Colored cabinets are a particularly good way to brighten up your plain kitchen, and paired with unique handles and knobs, you can really make your kitchen pop in a way a generic store bought kitchen simply can’t.

These are just five ways you can make your kitchen more unique, will you be trying any?

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