5 Cool Ways to Use Your Basement

Are you lucky enough to have a house with a sizeable basement or cellar beneath it? If so, you’re sitting on a goldmine.

Horror films would have you believe that basements are full of storybook monsters, creepy crawlies and cobwebs galore, and this might have you contemplating bricking up the entryway to your basement, but before you get the bricks and mortar out, take a moment to think about what you could feasibly use the space for (once you get over your fears).

There are so many ways you can take advantage of your underground basement/cellar space, many of which are far cooler than turning it into a second spare room or storage garage, but before you commence any of the five ideas we have listed below, you need to first undertake a basement tanking renovation and make sure your underground space is actually safe.

Once it’s been certified by a professional as a safe and usable space, you have free reign.

Ways to Use Your Basement

Here are just five of the cool ways you can use your basement, but the possibilities are almost endless.

1. Home Cinema

If your basement has electrical ports, you have all the infrastructure you need to create a home cinema.

Paint the walls, implement some ambient lighting and install a soft carpet like the ones you find in movie theatres.

Next, source a reclining sofa or chairs (second-hand is far less expensive and ideal considering you won’t be down there all the time) that you can kick back and relax on.

Next, all you need is a collection of good films and your home cinema is a go!

2. Arcade

Nothing sparks joy quite like an arcade game.

We all have fond memories of going to the beach and spending hours on 2p machines, 10 pin bowling and claw machines, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring all the fun of the seaside to your basement.

There are lots of arcade games you introduce to a home environment, including air hockey and classic games units like Pacman and Tetris.

Add some neon lights and a jukebox for an authentic arcade experience that the whole family can enjoy on Saturday nights and rainy days in.

3. Studio

There are lots of professions which require a studio, including animation, music and art to name but a few.

If you have a hobby that requires a studio and you have a basement you’re not yet using, transform into a functional space that you can really indulge your hobby in.

If music is your thing, add some soundproof blocks to the wall and move you instruments/microphone down there so you can make music undisturbed.

In terms of art, you’ll want plenty of storage and light, as will you with animation, too.

Not only will turning your basement into a studio be a functional renovation – it will make you sound infinitely cooler when you tell people you have a studio in your house.

4. Bar

Gone are the days of having to leave your house to enjoy the comforts of a bar if you have a sizeable basement.

Buy or build a second-hand bar with shelves, add a sofa and coffee table, a soft carpet or hardwood floor and plenty of neon lights and/or knickknacks that add character and create a fun, relaxing vibe in the room.

You can invite friends over, chill out after a long week at work, or even host small functions like birthday gathers or receptions with few people.

You can make a wet bar if you want to go the whole way, or you can install a dry bar and serve countertop drinks if that appeals most to you.

Whatever type of bar you go for, installing one alongside some comfy furnishings and a TV is one way to greatly enhance the coolness of your basement.

5. Pool

If you have a large basement and a budget to match, why not go the whole way and transform your underground space into a pool?

It will likely add value to your house if you choose to sell it, but it will most notably add value to your quality of life when you’re living in the house.

You can have pool parties or take a soothing dip to nurse an injury or a stressed mind/body, and putting it in the basement means you’re not at the mercy of the weather, either.

This is an extreme basement renovation, but it’s one offers extreme cool points should you complete it.

Will you be turning your basement into any of these?

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