5+ Backyard Ideas that Looks More Nature

The backyard is a real sanctuary. Indeed, your outdoor space can be as attractive, comfortable and stylish as your interior, but it will also offer fresh air and nature. When it comes to the backyard, bigger is not always better.

Small spaces outside the room can be just as fun to entertain in spring and summer with large space – and small yards and terraces also mean far less maintenance.

From vertical gardens to mini storage and water features, this beautiful and space-saving landscape design and small backyard ideas will transform any open space into a comfortable retreat in a great style.

While everyone looks for a perfect backyard, many people tend to ignore the maintenance part. Some things you should ensure doing are examining plants before buying, keeping an eye on pest infestations like rodents, iguanas, rats, etc. (researching through valuable resources to learn more about ways of getting rid of pests can be your best bet). Also, make sure to water plants properly and never crowd them.

Instead of distributing the dough to a professional landscape designer, save money and bring your own things with an easy outdoor design project.

Backyard Ideas

From DIY fire holes to planters that have never been seen before, this ideas works for large or small spaces so you can easily create a backyard of your dreams.


Landscape designers are often contacted when the lifestyle and needs of homeowners change. For Jane Harries Garden Design clients, children have “grown from football and possession of guinea pigs, and they want a restyle,” said Harries, from Northamptonshire, England.

Starting by removing a few large trees, Harries reconfigures the pages to create greater boundaries and informal planting designs with a romantic feel.

Children’s swings are replaced with patio-style swing sofas and water features near the house provide a natural transition from indoors to terraces.

Backyard Vegetable Gardener

Like to cook with homemade ingredients? Take a page from this gardener’s book and use your empty backyard to harvest the ultimate vegetable garden.

Blake uses his backyard to grow vegetables in raised boxes, including large and beautiful heirloom tomatoes in various colors.

Maximizing Space

Even within the city limits of Lafayette, Louisiana, Robin’s design team maximizes page space by creating a customized pool layout.

Although small, swimming pools include a tanning ledge with partial immersion, fountains, and decking that separates it from the yard but allows easy entry and exit for swimmers.

Pool Area Paradise

Formerly a boring, remodeling page in Naples, Florida this is an outdoor space that reflects the color of its location. Designed by the Malibu West Interior, this terrace appears on non-slip textured porcelain tiles.

Pool coping is made of concrete to imitate the shape of the swimming pool. A colorful wall made of teak wood with the appearance of glass tiles.

Woodland Garden

Boston area property owners want to stretch their living space out and enjoy the beautiful forest setting as close to their back door as possible.

Landscape designer A Blade of Grass reconfigures the back porch to descend onto the adjacent bluestone terrace.

The firm created a series of open rooms that developed from native plantations that had developed to become naturalized and included outdoor fireplaces, koi ponds, shady gardens and irregular blue stone paths.

Plants include Viburnum dentatum, Pink flowering Astilbe “Vision in Pink”, Malus “Whitney”, Buxus “Green Mountain”, Hakonechloa yellow grass “Aureola”, Pennisetum “Hameln”, and Betula tree “Whitespire”.

Islamic Courtyard

A large water bowl is the center of an Islamic-style courtyard garden in Hertfordshire, England. Clients of landscape designer Fiona Green from Green Tree Garden Design have lived in the Middle East and want their garden to reflect the style they saw in their area before.

Following the principles of Islamic Garden Design, Green designed a page with a bowl of water in one corner of the yard. Located opposite the courtyard is a new summer house, which can be seen from the courtyard seating area.

Green renovates the backyard and replaces plants that offer gemstones throughout the year, along with structure, and aroma.

Freeform Lawn

With the challenge of working around one of the largest oaks in the city called Oakville in Ontario, Canada, Partridge Fine Landscapes adds tied braces and ends carved into an organic terrace.

The tombstone terrace is set on a concrete base, with pavers cut individually to accommodate the curve. Pergola made of Douglas fir. Lime green hydrangeas soften the landscape.

Suburban Homestead

Garden designer Marilyn Waterman made her version of the house in the Menlo Park, CA page. Waterman eats edibles everywhere: ‘Red Fuji’ apple trees, blueberries, strawberries, Meyer lemon trees, and spices.

He also likes wise succulents from water and ornamental grass. When the property meets the sidewalk, Waterman builds a rustic fence with 4-by-4 recycling, wire and turnbuckle. The fence is covered with Niabell grapes and ‘Seedless Flame’ as offerings to neighbors.

Even the large stones, which Waterman dragged from the stone courtyard, according to the theme of his farm – he imagined a rattlesnake sleeping on it. But they are also functional; a flat surface makes it a useful resting place for someone, a trimmer, or a cup of coffee.

Lawn-Free Tapestry

Grass needs about one inch of water every week during the growing season. That’s too much for Seattle-based landscape designer Stacie Crooks of Crooks Garden Design.

He knew he could make tapestries stop traffic that would last in half water. So one spring, he tore out a large part of the yard and replaced it with a mixture of perennials and bushes.

Some grasses can live with rainfall alone in their home areas in the West, and they need to cut only once or twice a year to keep it neat.

Lawn-to-Private Retreat

Image Source: patch.com

“When your home and office are in the same place, it’s harder to stop working,” said Ian Kimbrey, who works in the office above his garage, as does his wife, Joanne Forchas-Kimbrey. “You need a separate area for recreation that tells the brain it’s time to change gears.”

So the couple (he’s a photo editor, he works for a design company) asked landscape designer Jay Griffith to help them turn a small page between their home and the garage into a transition area, “decompression space” where they can relax after work.

That’s 10 ideas that can make your yard look more natural.

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