Shower Tile Ideas | 2022 Tile Trends that You Should Try

You already know tiles are perfect for bathrooms, but do you know how many different bathroom tile ideas? With thousands of choices for tiles that are durable and easy to clean as well as endless designs and settings, you can always make a truly unique bathroom tile design.

This year, we love using bathroom tiles to truly personalize space and make it meaningful to you. Hundreds of color choices mean there are endless and unique combinations to dream about.

Creeping tiles and frames help add a special designer touch that makes your space stand out too. Contemporary styles (including tiles, furniture and other works) are also popular for 2019.

Try combining 3-D carved tiles to add a contemporary feel to your space. Transitional décor that combines contemporary and traditional styles is very close and quickly gaining popularity.

There are various design choices for your shower. One of the most common variations comes in the form of glass enclosures, with glass helping to create a bright and airy feeling.

For a lighter effect, consider adding a window to the shower, if possible. If not, try skylights. If none of this is possible, an all-glass cover will be better because it remains bright enough even with artificial lighting.

You can also choose the design of walk in shower without doors. Look at our bathroom renovation ideas, which were compiled from our previous projects.

You can have another solid wall, only glass or a solid base with the upper half of the glass. One thing to note about walking without a door in the bathroom is that it does not allow much privacy, and this generally applies to all walks in the bathroom.

If privacy is not your priority (or has been provided by other means) then walking around in the bathroom is perfect. Each design is equipped with logistical headaches and its own construction on problems such as drainage. So, make sure you consider this when choosing what style to use.

Shower Tile Ideas

If you plan to have a solid wall as part of your walk in shower, use a neutral tile to maintain the airiness of the bathroom. One area where you can create unique style is the back wall, which you can use as a walk in shower and bathroom as a whole.

For instances, a nice stone mosaic backs up your attention to it immediately you set foot into the shower. Finally, consider the role accessories to play in the overall style and feel of your walk in shower.

Circular showerheads give the bathroom a more futuristic feel. Need help with ideas and getting started? Here are some 2019 tile trends that you should try.

Subway Tile Accent

Subway tile is one of the most versatile design options. It’s classic and timeless but modern at the same time. Subway tiles come in various colors, patterns and materials to add interest to your bathroom and simple white to let other design elements shine.

You can even drastically change the appearance of your subway tiles with contrasting grout colors. Whatever you choose, subway tiles will not be out of style anytime soon.

Glass Mosaic Accents

Glass mosaics are one of the easiest ways to add color, luster and shape to your shower, hidden shelves or backsplash. You can make lines, framed accents or walls full of glass mosaics that have done the work of pairing colors and materials together for you.

Large Format Accent

There are many benefits to using large format tiles in your bathroom. They easily cover large areas, can be easier to clean because they have fewer grout lines and can make small spaces look bigger.

But we especially love them because of the elegance they bring to a room. Enhance your style of bathroom, bathtub or bathroom tiles with hundreds of large-format tiles in The Tile Shop, including wooden boards and 3-D tiles.

Bathroom Wall

Wall tiles are easy to clean, durable, and add an unparalleled style to your bathroom. Traditional or contemporary, old world or mid-modern century, you can achieve almost any design style you want with your bathroom tile.

And don’t forget about various patterns and combinations that are possible when arranging your tiles. Fresh patterns for classic tiles can be a touch to your design needs.

Shower and Tubes

Tiles are always the right choice for your shower or tub because they are waterproof and easy to clean. We do not agree because it can change the part of the house that was previously neglected to be a beautiful exhibition item.

Always take into account shower tiles and bathtubs when you plan the rest of your bathroom. You certainly don’t need to match it, but all the tiles in the bathroom should look like part of a cohesive design.

Bathroom Floor

Even though you can match your floor and wall tiles, this is also a great opportunity to create contrast in different colors, shapes, or materials. White bathrooms appear with dramatic dark tile floors and vice versa.

If you don’t want to be brave, try baking the floor in coordinated colors but use unique shapes, such as hexagons or large format tiles, to make interest.


With shiny finish and a smooth linear brushed design, these ceramic wall tiles will add an elegant appearance to any room, especially the bathroom.

Flat gloss tiles will reflect light around the room, while structured 3D coordinate wave decorations add to contemporary features. Available in two colors that can be used individually or mixed together.


Alaska Tiles is the perfect addition to bathrooms, kitchens or other living rooms. With the size of a large enough tile with a fine motif in a gray bandage, it will give a modern and flexible impression.

In addition, you will be given creative freedom to access with beautiful, varied and natural patterns in this tile, to make statements in your home.

Hardrock Lappato

This tile has the advantage of creating a smooth and modern aesthetic in every room in your home. It is suitable for those of you who have a modern or contemporary home design.

The Hardrock Lappato tile floors and wall tiles are perfect for creating a clean, neutral and luxurious impression in your kitchen, bathroom, lounge, hallway or glass room.

The lappato finish is a semi-polished layer, offering a glossy appearance but a little texture for it, adding unique elements to any room.

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