5+ Chicken Roosting Coops Ideas for Your Inspiration (With Basic Things)

Most chickens choose high places at night. This is because they avoid predators when they are sleeping. The higher the perch indicates the highest power. Most roosters are at the highest level. Whereas the lower level is given to weaker chickens. Chickens that sleep on the floor make them more susceptible to diseases and parasites which can interfere with the health of chickens. Chickens usually shower dust to prevent chickens from being attacked by bacteria or fleas. If you don’t want your chicken to get sick and even die, you have to really make a comfortable perch. To create a good perch, you need to pay attention to some details so you can make a good perch.

By providing your livestock with a safe and secure place to perch, play and preen you will make your chicken happy and healthy for years to come!

Material – The most honorable chicken cages will come with a perch in their design, and it must be made with sturdy and sturdy wood rounded. It is important that wood is rounded because this makes it easier for them to grasp, and that is also ideally 50mm because anything that is much smaller or bigger can cause leg pain in your chicken and cause further illness. You can use various types of materials such as branches, or stairs for your chicken bar. If you use a ladder, you need to ensure the cleanliness of the ladder. You can make 4 sides of the stairs facing up. Avoid using plastic or metal because the slippery surface can cause the chicken to fall because there is no good grip. The metal will also be cold.

Location in the Coop – Chickens will excrete dirt at night, so you need to pay attention to this. You can place the container in a place that is easily taken or removed from the cage. In addition, for drinking and feeding containers, do not place it below so that it does not stick to the chicken.

Width – For the size of a chicken perch, at least you have to make a minimum length and width of 2 inches and 4 inches. Chicken is not like other birds, Chicken will straighten its legs so you need to pay attention to this. When chickens sleep, chickens will keep their feet warm with their bodies and protect their feet from rats or other predators.

Height – Because the purpose of this perch is to allow your poultry friends to nest in a high and safe place where they feel safe and protected, it must be placed at least 45cm from the ground. As a general rule, your nest should not be placed on top of anything you want dirty (from the dirt), so avoid placing it on a nesting box or feeder. A good idea is to place a dropping board (just a shallow trash can) under the chicken coop, to collect their poop for your compost and the garden. The perched chicken pole can be as high as one foot from the ground or as high as approximately one foot from the ceiling. However, if you want to make a nest higher than two feet, shaking some nests such as stairs at different heights will make it easier for chickens to climb up and down from the nest without hurting themselves. Bumblefoot (staph infection in the legs and limbs) is often caused by a hard landing from the nest. Leave around 15 head of headroom between perches to prevent those who are higher perch pooping on those who sit below them.

Length – Leave at least 8 inches of roosting bar per day. Of course, more is better, but you will find that especially in winter, all your chickens will curl together for warmth. They also use each other for balance, so you will rarely see them perch but side by side in sequence, although in summer they will appreciate having space to spread.

After you pay attention to some basic things, you also need to take care so that your cage is not easy for chicken predators to enter. Make it something that animals cannot do. Having a ground floor makes it easier to clean, but mice, weasels and foxes can quickly dig and access your flock. Hardwood floors function properly. Cover the hole with wood or hardware cloth. Rodents and snakes will quickly find an open location that leads to your cage. Snakes don’t only eat small birds, but they also eat eggs. Develop walls of strong products. Raccoons and thought pets can tear chicken wire, and will quickly access your cage. Help your woman and keep them safe with strong and impenetrable walls.

By using this guide for perch chicken blades, you should be able to make a good perch area for your chicken to sleep well at night and that means you will sleep better too.

Chicken roosting ideas

After you pay attention to some provisions that are needed. Here are some ideas that you can apply to your home or garden.

1. Easy DIY Chicken Roosting Letter A

The letter A for chicken coop like this is very easy to make as your DIY project, plus you do not need to buy new materials to build this.

All you need is to recycle the wood that you have in your house and use it as the foundation of your chicken coop.

To cover it, you may need the wide chicken wire. Also, consider making a small roof to make your chicken safe.

2. Chicken Roost Coop Use Recycle Trampoline

If you have the unused trampoline or just found a broken trampoline, do not throw it away! You can just take advantage out of it.

Use the under trampoline to make it as your own chicken roosting chops.

All you need to build a brilliant idea like this is to have a modification, choose cut woods to cover the underparts and build the tiny home to keep the eggs.

3. Simple Chicken Coops

Well, some of the chicken coops may look dirty and hard to build. However, not this one.

If you have a small garden space, the simple chicken coops like this are very suitable for it and not only that the shape of it can help the chicken to have a warm place in the winter!

4. Used Metal Drum as Chicken Coops

Another inexpensive DIY project for your chicken home!

Just use any metal drum that appropriates for your chicken place.

The second metal drum can also be used for this too.

To make the chicken coops, you need to cut wood to cover the hole.

You may also need the door for the chicken and the food storage in the front.

5. Geodesic Home for Chicken Coops

The unique minimalist shape of geodesic for the chicken coop is also a good idea! If you have a spacious area, the chicken coop like this is great for you.

The big space like this is very helpful for you to get in and clean the litter or to feed your chicken.

6. Easy DIY Chicken Coop

If you live in a dry place, this chicken coop is suitable for your place.

Although the chicken wire is very popular for the chicken coop, the nets that have softer material like this is also very useful as chicken coops.

All you need is cut woods, the wide nets, and dry tree in the middle to support the nets and the cut wood.

The simple DIY like this can fit many chickens you have!

7. Chicken Coop with Planter

You do not need to spend your money on an adorable chicken coop that can also be used as decoration in your garden.

You can make this adorable chicken coop by yourself! To have the adorable chicken coop you only need to paint it with vibrant colours.

Also, planting on the top of the chicken coop is also a good idea.

Instead of buying the storage for your little plants, why not have cute storage on top of your chicken coop as the decoration as well?

8. Red Chicken Coop

Another idea for your adorable chicken coop is this! The idea of the chicken coop that has farmhouse style like this is really cute for your garden.

Plus, they are easy to build as your DIY project as well.

9. Chicken Coop with Wheels

It is a point plus to have a chicken coop with the wheels because you can just move it easily!

Try to put the wheels on the chicken house like this since your chicken coop can be so heavy to lift up by yourself!

10. Vintage House Chicken Coop

If you have a mini old house in your garden, you can turn them into chicken coops! The idea is very clever and adorable.

It is literally a vintage house for your chicken coop that almost looks like your second house but filled with chicken!

11. Saloon Style for Chicken Coop

Another adorable type of chicken coop! If you need an idea to decorate your chicken coop, this idea is really over the top.

Not only they are really adorable to see them going back and forth in their saloon place but it also boosts your mood up!

12. Recycle Toilet Sit for Chicken Coop

It may sound weird to recycle your toilet seat for your chicken coop.

However, this is a brilliant idea to make it looks interesting.

Use them as the place for your chicken to incubate their eggs.

13. Recycle Car for Chicken Coop

Another crazy idea for your chicken coop is to recycle the used broken car! Turn them into a chicken coop by covering the gap with chicken wire.

It looks like your chicken wants to go somewhere by car!

14. Chicken Coop with Lights

Lights are not only used to decorate the inside of your house! Lights are also working really well as the decoration for your chicken coop.

Use outdoor lighting to decorate your lovely chicken coop. It looks so adorable!

15. Upcycle Play House for Chicken Coops

Image Source: backyardchickens.com

If you have children are already grown up and you also have their unused playhouse? Well, why not just use them as your chicken coop!

The playhouse like this is very suitable for your chicken also you do not need to build extra hard work for it as well.

All you need to do is to have wood pallets under it to protect your chicken.

16. Coba-Made Chicken Coop

Cob is an English standard real estate product made of clay, straw and sand.

It’s as strong as concrete and made of truly sustainable products.

Include several lively tiles and custom-sized windows to offer a different appearance to your chicken coop.

17. Chicken Camper

This cage is made entirely of recycled wood pallets and a piece of tin for the upper part.

Keeping your cage lifted prevents predators and removes back pain from cleaning the cage that sits lower on the ground.

18. Book and Cluck Nook

Develop an area for you (or your children) and your chicken to relax together.

Set the screen door between the sitting area and the nesting area so that the chicken does not make a mess of the sitting area.

19. Pottery-Barn Inspired Chicken Coop

This chicken cage was developed by people at The Art of Doing Stuff, and exactly what a beautiful cage is!

Find out how they developed it, and all the ins and outs of this beautiful homemade cage here.

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