Creative Potting Bench Ideas and Design

Looking for a place to sow seeds, transplant some plants or maybe just putter? Working with a pot bench during the gardening season is pure luxury and you will look forward to keeping all your tools and supplies organized in the center of your own little garden.

You can have everything in one location including land bags, empty pots and containers, hanging tools, food crops and fertilizers (make sure to store them in airtight containers so that rain doesn’t come in) and even buckets for garbage storage or compost collection if you like

Each park requires several pot stations to store all garden items. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying pots, or pots. You can do it yourself quickly and easily. You may have in your workshop some of the unused furniture that you want to throw away.

Don’t throw it away – we’ll show you some useful examples of how to make “from garbage to treasure”. That way you will get rid of your old things, and at the same time you will have an amazing pot station for your garden and all that without spending a penny.

Having a separate garden at home is unique. With a variety of plants in your home, it will certainly make your surroundings cooler. Especially if you like to plant flowers or plants in pots, of course designing a bench that contains a pot is your own happiness.

By having a pot bench, your plants will look neater and attractive. In addition, you can group certain types of flowers in one lane.

The pot bench will add luxury to your gardening experience with this free package; In addition, this is an important technique to ensure that everything extra in the garden room stays organized.

Important gardening items such as empty pots, soil pots, gardening tools, fertilizers and related supplies can be stored in one location. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a gardening table like that, in fact, you can make it yourself.

Potting Bench Ideas

There are so many detailed and comprehensive DIY pot plans available online that you won’t have any trouble doing your own activities. Below are 10 ideas that can help you get inspiration in designing your pot.

1. Simple DIY Potting Bench

This type of pot bench has 2 levels. First level or lower level where gardening equipment such as watering pots, fertilizers, empty pots, gloves, etc. For the second level contains pot pots that are arranged based on your creativity and desires.

This bench is easily modified to measure it up or down. It’s not complicated, but it’s made firmly from pine (although you can pick your favorite wood).

Under the grater, several catch trays have been placed to keep your land contained. With storage shelves above and below the work surface, this is a simple but functional choice for your garden.

2. Solid Wood Potting Bench

This type of pot bench is a bench that has a long size with a shelf made of wood with a brownish color. With this type of bench, you can place your pot regularly with more quantities so that no equipment is scattered.

Using leftover wood from another project, mostly 2×4 or 2×6, workable pot table that can do double duty as a barbecue table.

Because it is made of wood which is processed with pressure, it will definitely be resistant to its elements, and solid construction guarantees it will last for years. It’s a little shorter than most pot benches, which means it also works well for families with younger children!

3. The Little Blue Potting Bench

If you want to do basic activities, this design is very appropriate. With 3-tiered shelves added with hangers, it will add tidiness and ease in carrying out your activities. This design also has a shelf that can be used for sharp equipment so it is safe.

4. Sunset’s Free Potting Bench Plan

This design has a narrow top shelf with two larger work surfaces at the bottom. With the right arrangement, you will produce beautiful plant benches. The back of the top shelf is filtering wire that functions as a tool hanger.

5. Built-to-Last Potting Bench

This design has a work desk, a large storage area at the bottom, and three shelves for storing pots or whatever. For those of you who focus on planting activities, this design is perfect for you.

6. Free Wood Working Potting Bench

This design is really simple. For those of you who only need a container to lay or arrange your pot, this design is perfect. This design does not require special skills to make it, just with a fruit box made of wood.

7. DIY Potting Bench Bar

If you have limited space and need a pot and a place to calm down. This design is perfect for you. This design has a dual function, namely as a pot bench as well as a bar.

8. Organized Potting Table

Size is not the main focus of this design but is organized and simple. In this design, there is a black thread at the back to hold your pots so they don’t fall. In addition, this design offers a room that is good enough to put your equipment.

9. Open Up Potting Bench

If you don’t have enough space to make a pot, you can use this design. A distinctive design is a pot bench hung on the wall of your home or your building. So it doesn’t need space on the ground.

10. 3-Tier Potting Bench

This design uses a 3 shelf arrangement. This rack design is only dedicated to putting your plant pot without planting pots on the bench. The uniqueness of this design is that you can adjust the level for the shelf you want to use and you can form the shelf.

This pot bench can be used both as a pot and as a display for your precious plants, and works well. The frame tilts out like a plant rack, but you can stand behind it and use the top shelf for all pot needs while drying the seeds you just planted on the other two shelves.

That’s the idea that you can apply to make your pots look more beautiful. Happy gardening!

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