5+ Unique Fence Ideas and Designs

The increasing number of houses built makes the privacy space between houses increasingly limited. One way to overcome this is to install a fence.

In fact, the fence no longer functions as a barrier or privacy but as a frame of your garden or yard. By choosing the right fence design, you can beautify your yard and home.

Know that fencing is one of the more important factors that will have an impact on the resale value of the property. When you are just about to choose a fence for your pool, it must meet the demands of the regulator for safety.

Removable wrought iron fences provide important security and security around the pool, and at the right time the fence can be easily removed when no longer needed, therefore the fence does not permanently change the appearance of your backyard.

If you decide not to enjoy the color of your composite fence, you can paint it or you might even stain it. You don’t need to make a fence that might have to be torn down later.

If you are looking for a fence, which not only offers privacy but is even aesthetically attractive, then you should put a lattice-style fence.

Fence Ideas

As with home improvement, the cost range is a very large range. Fences are usually valued per foot or meter. Therefore, the longer, the more the cost. If you use a pre-built panel, you pay per panel.

The cost range for panels is $ 40 to $ 300 for lengths of 6 to 8 feet. Expect to pay $ 100 to $ 200 per panel six to eight feet. In response, we provide several unique and economical fence design options. Here are 10 unique fence designs for you.

1. 4-Rail Horse Fence

This type of fence is a fairly simple fence with wood material. This fence is very effective for those of you who have pets. This fence can keep your animals from running away.

In addition, the appearance of this fence is quite beautiful. This fence can prevent the horse from being scratched and keep the horse from running away from the cage. Besides that, making this cage is quite young. You only need a few lengthy woods.

2. Goat Proof Fence

This type of fence is simpler than 4-Rail because to make this fence only wood is needed to make sides and wires in the middle. For those of you who have minimal costs, you can make this alternative as your fence solution.

Simple, inexpensive and easy to make. Goats usually want to escape from the cage by jumping over the fence made. By making this fence, goats will not be able to get out.

This fence design has a good height and strength that can withstand the burden of a goat. In addition, for the installation of this fence does not require special techniques.

3. Hog Wire Privacy Fence

This fence design is the same as Goat Proof but has a difference on the middle side. In this type of design, the wire is used only slightly, closing the top.

At the bottom of the fence is made of tight wood with the top added with wire. The appearance of this fence is quite interesting and enough to protect your privacy.

4. Link Chain

This design is similar to the Goat Proof type but is different in height and sides. In this design, we use aluminum or iron pipes. Easy and fast design. The wire used in the center of the fence is stronger than the Goat Proof design.

5. Prefab Fence

This type of fence design is similar to Hog Wire Privacy, but this design has an amplifier in the center. The sides use wood that is quite wide and strong. For those of you who want a simple and strong fence, this design is quite suitable for you.

6. Bamboo Privacy Fence

Organic and unique impression shown by this design. By using bamboo and painted brown, it displays a good natural impression.

Besides being easy to make, the material used is easy to obtain. This design also features a fairly good privacy feature with a relatively high level.

Bamboo fences are available in rolls or panels. Bamboo fence rolls are best suited to cover existing walls, wooden fences or mesh panels.

Bamboo screens on the other hand are best used as free-standing fence panels or partitions to create more privacy between the two parks.

7. Metal Sheets and Wood Combo

This design combines steel sheets with wood. Steel sheets are mounted vertically at the bottom to create a sense of security while wood is placed at the top horizontally. You can give a touch of color to wood to display an artistic impression.

8. Modern Pallet Fence

Made from thick and long wood, this design features a natural side fence. This design uses wooden boards that are mounted horizontally with the addition of wood paint. If you want to get good privacy, you can choose this fence as your choice. Safe and comfortable is the philosophy of this fence.

9. Privacy Hedge Green Wall

If you want to get a fence decorated with plants, this design is the right choice for you. One of the fences that has become a trend in the city area is a fence with vines.

This design uses creeper planted on the fence so that it covers the fence and displays fresh characteristics. This fence is proven to be good at enhancing the natural impression of your home. In addition, this fence provides visual beauty to your home. You can also use wire to bind your plants.

10. Wood and Black Iron

If you want to get a classic impression on your fence, this design might be for you. Using wooden boards and iron binders like in the Middle Ages, of course will remind you of the past era.

In addition, this fence is relatively cheap because it incorporates metal material with wood. You can cut the cost of metals that are too expensive with wood.

Those are some unique minimalist designs that you can sample. Good luck!

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