Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas (Advantages and Disadvantages)

People often struggle with kitchen sink design ideas when they imagine the layout of their kitchen. The first thing to do is to think about the type of sink you want to buy.

The equipment shop has a new and innovative sink that will make you remember. The sink where you can touch the tap to turn on the water is a good choice.

There are various kinds of kitchen skink ideas, and you can choose from a corner farmhouse sink to a small kitchen and under the kitchen sink design table.

When making a choice, see the various sink designs until you find the most suitable for your kitchen. The next thing to do is think about the design you want for your kitchen table.

What style will stand out and express the personality of your kitchen? Marble is a good choice but then you have to decide what type.

When people think of layout design, they forget to pay attention to the details of the location of the kitchen sink. One of the crucial problems someone has is about the layout of the kitchen sink.

The problem of laying a sink is very crucial because it will determine the dry and wet areas in the kitchen. Before determining the location of the sink, the first thing to note is the type of sink. Once you know the type of sink, you can develop the kitchen space as you wish.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the sink layout choices is in the corner of the kitchen room. After we do all the cooking activities and arrive at the washing part of the furniture, the sink at the end gives you several benefits.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you get.


1. Saving Floor Area

In kitchens that have limited space, a sink located at the end or on the edge can provide enough floor space and is easier for one person to do work in the cooking area at the same time. In addition, the sink on the edge provides space for residents to move actively in cooking.

2. Storage Space

Cabinets that are located under the sink provide considerable storage space. Cabinets under the sink can be used as a place to store cleaning equipment, kitchen furniture, etc. In addition, the room can be used as space for water pipelines.

3. Conserving Counter Area

Putting a sink on the edge makes the back of the sink less. So that for repairs and other uses it becomes easier. In addition, you are also free to unload the kitchen room if the sink is on the edge because it is not too faced with a water pipeline.

4. Look

Placement of the sink on the edge will give a beautiful impression in your kitchen. People will find your kitchen space very neat and a special attraction for your home. Individuals will be more comfortable in the kitchen.

Corner sinks can occupy odd niches which if not die. If you have square footage, you might consider adding a second sink in another place in the kitchen to increase the work zone functionality. Or place the sink in a corner to entertain and place your main sink along the table or on an island.

Because the sink corner does not break the flow of countertops along the wall, you will have a longer workspace. Corner table space is generally not easy to spread or do heavy preparation work, so this can be a useful tradeoff.

5. Adaptability Style

With the placement of the sink on the edge, you will be able to adjust your interior design effectively. You will not run out of ideas because space is created quite broadly.


1. Sink Dimension

Placing the sink on the edge will cause the sink area to be smaller. This has an impact on the process of cleaning large frying pans and pans quickly. So that the washing process is not effective and is not something good in the kitchen.

When designing around doors and windows, it is important to remember to leave space between the cabinet and the door / window (or casing) trim. This allows room for walls to be painted or tiles depending on your design. Laying the kitchen sink in the corner will reduce the space for the door to open properly and reduce the area in paint

2. The Dish Washer Difficulty

If you have a dishwasher and place it near the edge sink, then your movement from the sink will be blocked when opening the dishwasher door, making it difficult for you to cook. When you have washed the dishes and want to put on the drying rack, you need to be careful because of the limitations of the space.

3. Limited Breathing Space

If in the kitchen too with people, then you will not be able to work effectively especially if your sink is on the edge. This will slow down the work because what one person should be able to do requires several people.

4. Cleansing

One of the shortcomings of the sink is on the edge is the difficulty in washing and maintaining the cleanliness of the sink. With its location on the edge, it will be difficult to reach hidden corners.

This causes additional work to clean the sink. The problem of cleanliness faced when the kitchen sink is placed in the corner is the existence of a washing room with a drying rack.

If it’s not set properly, your kitchen will become damp and wet. Of course this is not good for your kitchen because it can make your kitchen not look clean, neat, and comfortable.

The kitchen edge is actually a beautiful area to put the sink anywhere due to the fact that the sink on the edge does not cause obstacles in doing activities in the kitchen.

So, putting the sink on the edge is the right choice to enlarge your space. However, you must pay attention to the size of the kitchen sink, shape, and color. If you can’t determine this from the start, then your kitchen sink is a new problem.

Corner kitchen sink

The most important thing to have in the kitchen is not only the stove, however, the sink is also important to clean the dishes.

To have a good spacious space for your kitchen area, use the good corner as the sink is a brilliant idea, since the regular kitchen sink in the middle of the countertops can take the amount of space.

There are so many styles for this kind of corner kitchen sink.

To know more about the style, you may take a look at this list down below.

1. Rustic Kitchen Sink Style

If you love the rustic style for your kitchen, the kitchen sink like this is suitable for the design.

The marble with an earthy tone like this looks really great with woods cabinet.

The one sink with the shape like this definitely makes your sink more spacious.

2. Twin Separate Kitchen Sink

Some people need at least two sinks to separate the dishes if you are one of them instead of having two sinks you can choose this kind of sink.

The great way to have two sinks in the corner is to have two of the same size as the sink. This way, you will have a twin sink for your separate dishes!

3. 3 in 1 Kitchen

The shape of the sink that looks like butterfly like this is definitely not only looks cute but also it has 3 useful part for the sink.

The white sink also makes it looks really clean and clear so it is easy to find the dirt spots! To decorate your minimalist kitchen, you can simply choose this sink to contrast the kitchen style.

4. Another 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink with Minimalist Style

Another minimalist kitchen sink with the manly black style.

The black kitchen sink like this definitely brings the contemporary vibe to it.

There are 3 parts in one sink, the two separate sink for the dishes and the flat surface for drying.

The tap of the sink is one of the perfect touches over the black colour.

5. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Style

If you have a farmhouse style kitchen and confuse to choose the right sink for your kitchen?

Well, just choose the white sleek sink to your marble countertops.

The white sleek sink like this gives the contemporary looks to your traditional farmhouse style.

6. Circle Style 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink

Another 3 in 1 kitchen sink but this time, they are in the circle shape.

The circle shape like this is not only unique, however, it is easier for you to clean the excess of the dirt.

You only need to clean them in a circular motion.

The middle area is very useful to put the dry dishes that you’ve clean before.

7. Complete All in One Kitchen Sink

If you are looking for the type of kitchen sink that very useful for dishes and others, you may love this kind of sink!

Not only it looks really modern but it also comes with the chopping board.

The idea like this is really brilliant to save times, you do not need to find a separate place and go back and forth just to clean the vegetables and fruits.

8. Urban Kitchen Sink Style

The corner kitchen sink with the window beside it can be pleasing, however, to bring the fresh stylish style is also a plus!

To achieve adorable urban looks to your kitchen, get a corner stainless steel kitchen like this with the adorable faucet to top it off!

9. Another Minimalis Kitchen Sink Circle-Shape

Another sink idea with the minimalist style of black colour.

If you have a little space of the corner countertops, you can choose this rounded shape instead of the square ones.

The rounded shape is more suitable for the tiny area.

Choose the black or white sink to get the contemporary looks.

10. Marble Kitchen Sink

Marble countertop gives the stunning looks to your kitchen and also it makes the modern looks to the kitchen.

Use the marble as the kitchen as well to match the looks.

The marble sink that attaches with the countertop is washable rather than the one that made of stainless steel.

11. Sleek Minimalist Kitchen Sink

If you want to achieve the minimalist look for your kitchen, choose the black sleek type of kitchen sink like this!

They bring the contemporary and manly looks to your minimalist kitchen.

The black sleek kitchen like this is very easy to clean!

12. Simple Tiny Twin Kitchen Sink Style

If you have a little space of your kitchen area and want to have the double kitchen sink, you may need this corner kitchen sink.

The two in one kitchen like this is suitable for your tiny kitchen, choose the stainless steel ones since they are cheaper and have durability.

13. Wooden Kitchen Sink

You may have all white kitchen style that closes with farmhouse style, however, the all-white can look boring.

Why not just give it an accent to it? If you have that empty countertop corner in your kitchen, use it for the sink area.

Choose the brown wood sink to make it as the accent to your kitchen!

14. Mini Kitchen Sink

Tiny kitchen area like this may not fun to see.

The only way to make the kitchen looks more spacious you can just choose the simple mini rounded shape of the kitchen sink in your kitchen corner.

The stainless steel sink like this does not only have good durability but it also really easy to clean it up.

15. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Some materials of sink can be expensive, one of the inexpensive sinks that fit as your on budget sink is this stainless steel.

Not only that the stainless steel is cheaper but it also has durability! They also can bring the contemporary vibe to your kitchen as well.

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