10 Tips for Minimalist Kitchen Design That You Can Imitate!

A beautiful house is a dream for every family. Any family, of course, wants to have their own dream home.

Everyone also has the desire to design their own home, not least, the Kitchen. The kitchen is a must-have room in a house.

Not only as a place to eat food or cook, the kitchen is now one of the icons of a house which at the same time must be a comfortable room for family activities together.

The development of a unique and attractive kitchen design makes many people compete to design their kitchens according to trends and lifestyles.

Style knows no boundaries. Whether you are decorating a tent on a secluded beach, an industrial loft, or the smallest kitchen known to mankind, there is always the opportunity to exert your own sense of style somewhere.

You might not like that there are only a few meters between your fridge door and the cupboard opposite, but with some use of colors, patterns, and materials, you can turn the most narrow kitchen into a place you like.

Today, the problem faced by many people is that there is not enough space to design as they like. This causes limited movement space.

Armed with the knowledge and tricks in designing the right one, your small kitchen will feel comfortable and certainly with a modern design.

Minimalist Kitchen

Here are 10 tips for designing your small kitchen into a very comfortable room. check these out!

1. U shape

The first tip for designing an elegant small kitchen is the U shape. The advantage of this form is that your space will be wide and you can easily reach all sides of your kitchen. You can freely move while cooking or preparing food.

Another advantage of the U shape is the position of each kitchen furniture will feel closer. So you can move the container you have used into the washing rack or take a plate to put the food from the pan. This kitchen is very efficient, just turn your left or right body and Viola, your meal is ready.

2. Domination of Cookware Hangers

One of the unique designs of a minimalist kitchen is practical. Using a hanger in the kitchen area will make your small kitchen feel more spacious.

Choose a hanging area that makes it easy for you to carry out various activities with little movement. Make one wall that can be used to put various kinds of kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, cooking spoons, etc.

The advantage of design is efficient place and motion. You no longer need to store kitchen utensils on a shelf. You just have to hang it on the hanger wall. You are easier to take and use the equipment without the need to dismantle the stack in the cabinet / shelf.

3. Hidden Furniture

With limited space to design your kitchen, you must be careful to choose which furniture you will use. You need to consider the function of the furniture, size, and color blend with your kitchen.

One of the complicated problems faced is the variety of furniture sizes. To overcome this problem, you can choose furniture that chooses various functions so you don’t need other furniture. For example, furniture that has hidden spaces.

4. Dry Rack

The problem that is often found in a kitchen is a washing place that is not dry. After doing the dishes, we will usually drain the plate on the shelf before returning the plate to its original place.

This activity will certainly reduce the space in your small kitchen. To overcome this problem, you can place the dryer as well as the storage above the washing place.

The furniture you use is 2 in 1. A dual function for drying and storing plates. With this, your kitchen doesn’t look messy and wet so it looks more comfortable.

5. Bright Kitchen

In designing a room, especially a kitchen, one important aspect that needs to be considered is lighting. Room lighting has an important function because it keeps the comfort and health of the room awake.

A dark kitchen will make you uncomfortable and need extra energy to see in the room. So, for your small kitchen, you can do maximum lighting.

This lighting can be done by adjusting the number of lights, lamp power, kitchen color, bright furniture and backsplash that can reflect light.

6. Pastel Color

White is fine, but if you like color, don’t avoid it. Dzek Dzek Dzek’s design company made the only choice with these floating shelves, deep green forest cabinets, and speckled countertops.

When choosing unusual colors, play safe with a strong color story on your accessory so the room doesn’t look too weird.

7. Custom Cabinetry Sized and Shaped

Use your limited space intelligently by installing the size of a special cupboard and shaped exactly to fit your kitchen and serving equipment.

A short shelf house provides coffee cups and small cups every day to mix bowls and cake places. With almost all the cabinets placed under the table and only the prettiest pieces on display, the room feels spacious and free from chaos.

8. Supersize the Sink

Your small kitchen may not have room for a dishwasher, so it’s worth looking for space for a double sink. Store one bowl for washing and one bowl for dirty dishes.

That way you will have a place to stack dirty preparation kits and plates not visible, and without messing up the work surface.

9. Add storage helpers

Your cupboards and drawers are your biggest storage resource, but may not be fully used. Internal storage solutions will make the most of them, so think about installing a wire rack that pulls out from a corner or a slim cabinet, a few drawer bases, or uses a drawer divider for appliances, spices, pans or dishes.

Increase your storage even further with cellular solutions, such as trolleys or meat blocks on casters, or think about baskets or containers popping up on your wall cabinet – just keep a sturdy bench nearby so you can reach them.

10. Tidy and Clean

If there are too many things that mess up the worktop, consider smart solutions such as wall-mounted magnetic knife strips, rails to hang equipment, pans, mugs, spice jars, and cutlery places.

Also think about what you have to handle every day, such as cutting boards, wooden spoons, cleaning fluids, and what can be stored until needed.

Well, that’s a few tips for designing your minimalist kitchen to be a comfortable kitchen. How? With various tips that have been given, of course you will be interested in trying it. Happy cooking, guys!

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