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One of the trends of modern homes today is the presence of an open kitchen. The philosophy of establishing an open kitchen is to increase comfort, interaction while preparing food.

In addition, the open kitchen does not require large enough space. So that open kitchens are often chosen as an alternative to conventional kitchens.

The narrower the space we have, the open kitchen provides a new perspective. With the increasing number of informal lifestyles, as well as the increasing interaction when preparing food, a room design that is easily integrated with other rooms is needed, especially in small dwellings.

By doing good division of area, comfort settings, and decorative approaches are key in making the kitchen open.

Attractive ideas and intelligent arrangement will make your open kitchen more beautiful. It might sound complicated, however, if you know 5 basic things about an open kitchen, you will be able to make your own kitchen open without significant difficulties.

The Space – The open kitchen has some very good advantages, especially in facilitating family time. With the design of an open kitchen, your family will easily interact with each other so that the warmth of the atmosphere is obtained. In addition, open kitchens also don’t need a lot of space, so your movements are quite free and you can monitor the movements of your family members in the kitchen more easily.

One characteristic of an open kitchen is its spread layout. Unlike the kitchen in general, an open kitchen consists of several components that are scattered, so you can do several activities without having to be fixated in one correct sequence. You can do various activities.

Think Through the Modules – Another distinctive feature of open kitchens is the equipment used. If in a conventional kitchen, you need a large shelf to store furniture, you can simply use a small drawer or a box. Don’t use a basket made of wire, besides producing too much noise, the basket is also inefficient.

If you want to use a cupboard, you need to consider the type of cupboard that is closed compared to an open closet. This is intended to keep your belongings safely, and create a neat impression in your kitchen. You can use a closed cabinet with glass or opaque windows.

The Colour Scheme – Open kitchen is one option that can beautify your room. Adding a mix of colors and decorations will enhance beauty. You can create an open kitchen with bright and bold color combinations so as to produce a room that can provide enthusiasm and joy for family members.

If you are still unsure of the color game as a whole, you can use brightly colored furniture. By placing in various places, you will create harmony of various colors. In addition, you must pay attention to the harmony of colors used so that it beautifies your kitchen.

Lighting Needs – One important aspect that you need to pay attention to is lighting. You must provide sufficient lighting.

In addition, you can also create various types of lights and the shape of the lamp holder. You can also adjust the level of lighting in different places in your kitchen such as a dining table that is brighter than others.

You also need to pay attention to air circulation and natural light in your open kitchen. By paying attention to circulation and natural light, you will get a cool and comfortable atmosphere.

Create Boundaries – If you want privacy in an open kitchen, you can use restrictions in the form of tables to limit your movements. In addition, you can explicitly provide partitions in your kitchen to truly protect your privacy.

Open Kitchen Designs

Once you know the basics of making an open kitchen, you are ready to set your own Open Kitchen.

1. Nordic Style Influenced Open Kitchen

Scandinavian design is very functional and provides a very elegant atmosphere. When we think of Nordic style white appears, but to make a change, the kitchen can be designed with a dark cupboard with a side table that acts as a mini breakfast table.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen

A similar L-shaped layout is also a very good choice when it comes to small kitchens. This layout can be accommodated in any corner of the house even though the corner cannot be used for other purposes.

3. Kitchen Island and Table

Another great way to design a small multifunctional kitchen is to add a dining table or kitchen island. With the help of these two features you will be able to entertain people and have enough space for food preparation too.

4. Small Wooden Dining Table in Mini Open Kitchen

The small kitchen design is suitable for one-bedroom homes where space is limited. The place to provide a dining table is questionable.

In this case, it is best for a dining table attached to an open kitchen system, where thick wooden beams are carved onto a table accompanied by wooden banks on both sides of the opposite table.

5. Indian Open Kitchen

Indians have adapted to European designer kitchen designs recently becoming Indian style by giving the kitchen a different look.

This view is achieved by using a number of floral design wallpapers affixed to a colored cabinet. Tables and cabinets provide paired color designs.

6. White and Wood Color

The combination of white and wood color is very popular not only in designing shelves and kitchen tables, but also used to make small accessories.

This kitchen can be made from pure wood or synthetic laminated wood materials along with white-painted steel frames or reclaimed wood frames.

7. Modern-Style Kitchen

Cabinetry extends to the ceiling in this sleek, modern kitchen design. Additional storage is obtained from high cabinets and the central island allows for open floor plans that flow naturally into the dining room.

Open concept houses complement the clean lines of this modern urban space. It also works well to entertain. Guests can easily gather around the island or table without feeling as if they have left the kitchen.

Choosing the right open style kitchen requires good knowledge of the latest kitchen designs and their availability in India.

Choosing a large open kitchen design for a small home or vice versa is a big mistake. Choose wisely before investing large amounts on this important matter choosing an open kitchen design.

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