Awesome Fireplace Tile Ideas

Living in a cold area or have to go through the winter time is not fun sometimes.

Yes, winter can be so fun but you do want to keep warm in the safest place which you also want to call it as your home, right?

To keep your body warm you may have the fireplace in the house and you do want to have a beautiful fireplace to help your house feels comfortable.

Fireplace Tile Ideas

Today, we will show you 20 awesome fireplace tile ideas for you to steal the best inspiration that fits for you.

1. Pattern Colourful Fireplace Tile

Colours are the best thing that happens in this world, without colour, there may be no happiness.

If you love the colourful pattern, you may want to choose this beautiful colourful pattern tile for your fireplace.

This tile brings the bohemian atmosphere too in your house.

2. Black and White Fireplace Tile

Simple and classic black and white is always the best option!

This black and white pattern is suitable for your modern house, it looks clean and very stylish.

3. Modern Fireplace Tile

If you love tall tile for your fireplace then this modern stone colour tile is one of the best options to achieve the modern look.

Choose the brownish grey colour to contrast the white walls around it.

This modern look tile brings the atmosphere the most.

4. Farmhouse Fireplace

If you live in the farmhouse then you may love this tile for your fireplace.

This rustic and vintage theme fireplace is always the better options for your farmhouse.

5. Chevron Tile for Fireplace

Sometimes the traditional looking straight tile is boring, why not be fun with the chevron ones?

This chevron pattern is the best for you who love modern look in the house.

6. Terra Cota Tiles for Fireplace

This vintage tile looks very glamour in your fireplace. Terra Cota tiles have a great texture and pattern that you can choose the best options for your fireplace.

7. Modern Rustic Fireplace Tile

Rustic usually have the theme of vintage but this wood tile can brings the modern and rustic at the same time.

The wood tile is great to combine with every colour around it so you do not have to be afraid to be extra with crazy colours.

8. Simple White Fireplace Tile

Some people may not the best fan of the crazy colours but white. White always bring the modern and clean atmosphere to the room.

Even the fireplace can look so good with white. This white tile is the choice for you who loves minimalist and clean.

9. Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Tile

Another inspiration for the modern fireplace. To have the modern look for your fireplace, use the tiles from the ceiling to the floor.

Get yourself the sleek and glassy tiles for the large walls of the fireplace to give the extra stylish atmosphere.

10. Vintage Fireplace Tile

Another vintage fireplace tiles that you may want to steal! We live in the modern era but admire the beauty of the past? Why not! Choose the dark tile to achieve the look.

Also, you may decorate around the fireplace with the vintage stuff as well to get the ancient atmosphere era like the past.

11. Adorable Fireplace Tile

This colourful art is very adorable and different! This idea is great for you who loves fun and colourful pictures.

The tile with the image of the tree like this is different than the others. Try to bring up the fun around the house like this is a brilliant idea!

12. Colourful Arts Fireplace Tile

Another unique colourful for your fireplace to brighten your mood. However, this one is very different and eye-catching!

The arts on the fireplace can be the source of attention in the living room. Choose this art tiles to brighten your mood every day!

13. Faux Fireplace Tile

Faux that looks like tile? Why not! You may want to have a low budget interior. This faux tile just looks exactly real pattern tile and of course look expensive at the same time.

14. Black Tile for Fireplace

White can look so innocent and clean but black is very manly and modern! This black brings a bold and independent atmosphere as well. There is nothing that can beat the bold dark colour of black like this!

15. Beautiful White Marble Fireplace Tile

Marble is very popular nowadays since it looks really modern and stylish! Why not just have the pattern on your fireplace as well?

This is one of the best choices you can have to brighten the area and as the attention to your living room.

16. Stunning Black Marble Fireplace Tile

You may not like the white marble, however, there is also black beautiful stunning marble that you can choose for your fireplace. This black marble really contrast the white walls!

17. Quartzite Fireplace Tile

Yup, another rock tile you can use for your modern house. This rock tile brings the natural atmosphere around the house as well. This simple quartzite tile is also really minimalist and simple.

18. Slate Tiles for Fireplace

Yes, another rustic theme for your fireplace tile ideas. Choose slat tiles for your fireplace to bring the elegant look!

19. Porcelain Tile for Fireplace

The disadvantage for this beautiful porcelain tile is they get the stain and smudge easily so you may have to clean them every day.

Other than that, they have varieties of different colours and texture. They also bring the modern and elegant look for your fireplace.

20. Concrete Tiles for Fireplace

Concrete is one of the components for building that can be very modern and stunning to look at.

This concrete tile is one of the options for you to achieve the modern and stunning atmosphere around the living room. Since they grey of the concrete can look professional around the white wall.

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