Simple Garage Paint Colors Ideas and Design [Images]

Great garage paint color ideas are not always intuitive. The one consideration you should make is how the color you decide on will enhance the other structures on your site along with the surrounding plant life.

For most homes that have an attached garage to their home, this might be a mute point. For the rest of us, there is a choice.

When you are making this decision, you need to decide if you want the final appearance of your garage to be complimentary to your home or in contrast to it.

Even those homes that have a brick exterior and the garage is made of wood, there is a choice.

White paint color for garages has been a very popular choice

Of your choices, the shade of color also needs to be determined. Many garages across America have been painted white or an off white in the past.

This is a crisp color choice that will compliment most any other color you have on your property.

The leading negative reason for not using this color is how easy it will appear to be dirty.

This same problem will be experienced with any light color shade you might decide to use.

The positive of using white or a light shade of color is the optical illusion that your garbage will appear to be larger than it really is to those passing by your house.

This can be advantageous if you are thinking about selling your home.

A new coat of paint for the garage.

The use of a semi-gloss paint should be another consideration for your garage. Immaterial of the actual color, the semi-gloss texture will allow you to have the option to clean the exterior easier than with most other finishes.

This will allow you to enhance the appearance of your garage without the need of applying a new coat of paint.

To help hide the dirt that will accumulate on the walls of your garage, most experts suggest the use of a tan shade for the pigment of the paint.

This shade does not show the dirt as much while still giving the garage a clean and pleasant appearance.

One of the most common garage paint color ideas is to match the garage to the foundation color of your home when it is exposed. This is generally a light color gray.

This is common for those homes covered with a brick exterior set on a foundation that is visible. This was generally done so the basement could have windows.

The reason the lighter colors are most prevalent with garages is so the heat is reflected from the structure in the summer months.

Just like any object exposed to the sun’s rays, the darker the color the greater the amount of heat is absorbed.

Dark colors on a garage can make a garage 10F to 20F hotter in the summer time which is not preferable for the contents of your garage.

You can see many barn garages with red paint colors

If you garage resembles a barn, then the traditional red paint might be preferable. In the 1800’s, red paint was the least expensive of all the pigmented paints.

Before that time the barns were covered with linseed oil mixed with rust. The rust was used to help prevent fungus, mold and moss from growing on the barns.

This red was a burnt red and not Ferrari red so the color was not very bright. This is why there are so many red barns across the country.

These are just a few garage paint color ideas you can use to decide what will work best for you.

Since most paints will last 15 to 20 years, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the new color you have chosen.

If you are painting your garage a lighter color than what it presently is, a second to third coat might be required so the darker shade is totally covered up.

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