5 Fantastic Low Maintenance Features for the Lazy Gardener

We all wish to have a garden that our neighbours would look at with envy, but few of us are prepared to put in the labour to create such an outside space.

However, just because we either don’t have the time or passion for gardening that you might have been led to believe is a necessity, that does not mean that we cannot enjoy having a garden to die for.

Low Maintenance Features for the Lazy Gardener

Here, we have listed five fantastic garden features that require little to no maintenance at all, meaning that you can spend as much time sitting outside with a smug look on your face as they try to work out how your garden is so pristine.

Artificial Grass

The first feature that many think of when considering low maintenance garden features is artificial turf.

This takes away the need for mowing and watering, as well as worrying about any pets and/or wildlife digging the lawn up that you might have to tend to.

Any misconceptions that you may have about a synthetic lawn should be dispelled as, in the present day, artificial grass can be made to look and feel exactly like the real thing.

Just make sure to focus on installing a good edging around the artificial grass for a crisp and clean finish.


If you do have real grass or any other plants in your garden but are not a fan of filling up the watering can and cannot rely on the weather to nourish your garden, a sprinkler is a must.

You should be careful not to leave this running all day as this can soon cost in water usage but used efficiently this will save a lot of time and effort that you would otherwise use walking up and down the garden watering everything.

Simply set your sprinkler to turn on for a set time and let it do its things. Simple!

Water Feature

A water feature adds a touch of class to the garden and, as long as you invest in one that doesn’t require a constant supply of water pumped into it, doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

A simple water feature, such as an ornament that sits in a pond or as part of a birdbath, won’t require too much maintenance apart from the odd clean here and there.

Some water features can cost a good amount, but it is worth paying for that little bit of extra quality if you are set on your garden looking its very best.


Installing decking in your garden is good for a couple of reasons.

Not only is this a good low maintenance feature that requires only an annual varnish and the odd sweep to keep it in tip-top condition, but it also makes for a great spot for a social gathering in your garden.

Homeowners have taken to having a raised area where they can look out across the garden while enjoying a drink and/or a meal with friends and family.

Gravel Path

Lastly, a gravel path that runs either down the middle or along the edge of your garden makes for a lovely finishing touch.

When installed correctly, with an underlayer that prohibits weeds from poking through (this is an essential part of the installation), a gravel path will merely require the odd hosing down.

The reason we have opted for a gravel path is that concrete slabs will crack over time which can be an invitation for weeds to grow through, therefore making gravel our undisputed lazy gardener’s choice.

With these five features, we firmly believe that you have all the ingredients to create a garden that wouldn’t look out of place in a catalogue with hardly any hard work.

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