5+ Best Minimalist Garden Design Ideas [Images]

Minimalist Garden Ideas – The best small garden designs are always simple but elegant, no complicated arrangement and mixing different garden style on it. In other words, the key factor for successful small garden design is simplicity and yet elegant.

Designing a garden in a small space is challenging and yet has many advantages compare with larger one. For example, since the area is small, less effort is needed to maintaining the area; and also we can concentrate on very detail accent and accessories that will apply to our small garden.

Planning is the first and crucial step in any design project, it is even more crucial while working in a small or limited space – just like small space garden we are talking about. For starting point, consider the following steps:

  • Create a list of essential things you want to apply on the garden
  • Good planning of plants placement and other elements are very important
  • Draw a raw sketch on available space. Mark the intended position/location for various garden elements.
  • Optimizing curves and circles will visually expands the available space.
  • One more important thing is efficiently use a vertical space; not only apply for garden furniture and accessories- but also for the plants itself. Use plants that grow upwards. Another option is a wooden pallet along garden walls with potted flowers and plants.

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

When you bring and calculate those preliminary information, you will get a realistic ideas that suit with your small garden design.

1. Minimalist Garden With Four Major Elements

2. Minimalist Garden With Brick Wall Block

3. Minimalist Garden With Open Terrace Concept

4. Oriental Style Minimalist Garden

5. Minimalistic Modern Garden

6. Minimalist Garden With Traditional Touch

7. White Minimalist Garden

8. A Perfect Blend of Wood and Ceramics

9. Minimalist Garden with Camping Atmosphere

10. Garden in Between Beautiful Pots

Another important aspect while planning a small garden is the inclusion of private space in it. You need to decide that whether you need tables and chairs in your garden when you can enjoy your morning tea or evening wine.

Planning a view is also an important factor to be considered. You can have the view of the sky, view back to your house or the stand of trees.

If you wish to block the view from your neighbors you can install concrete troughs along with fencing. Planting of bamboo is also a good option to restrict the view to others.

Small garden plans should always include proper selection of flowers. As per the availability of space and sunshine you can select among the large variety of flowers that grows in light shade, deep shade, full sun and partial sun. Look out for those plants that will thrive best in the atmosphere of your garden.

Thus by planning each and every detail in a perfect manner you will definitely come out with an interesting outcome of small garden which will prove to be a wonderful place for you as well as for your plants.

There can be nothing more relaxing and refreshing in a garden than the sound of water and the presence of interesting living creatures. The serenity that comes along with the sound of the water cannot be compared to anything else. It is not necessary for you have big gardens to enjoy the ponds as variety of options is also available for small garden ponds. There are various factors which should be well considered while planning small garden ponds.

Location of the pond is the most important thing to be considered. A little shade proves to be a good choice for the location of the pond. But this shade should not be from trees as it will leave its leaves in the pond. Digging should also not be a problem at the location of the pond and moreover electricity should be available nearby so that water pump can be used conveniently.

The size of the pond is also very crucial while planning for small garden ponds. In order to have a pond, you need to dig the hole and the size of the hole depends upon the requirements of the pond. If you are planning to have fishes and other creatures in the pond then the size will differ from the others.

Materials used in the preparation of the ponds should be selected with due care and consideration. Different types of material as per your needs and requirements are available in the market which you can select accordingly. Nowadays preformed tubs are also widely used where you just need to dig the hole and then place the tub in it. You can also go for the various garden kits which makes the job much easier.

In order to make your small garden ponds look more interesting you can also add beautiful water plants to it. The plants also provide the needed shade to the pond which further helps to prevent the growth of the algae. Another feature which adds excitement and fun to your garden pond is the existence of the fish. You can keep few fishes of your choice in your pond but they should be taken proper care of.

These are just a few Minimalist Garden Design Ideas, as there are plenty of them as long as you can play with your imagination.

To make a beautiful fence, not only use solid materials such as iron, wood, and aluminum. Another option that you can use is hedgerows.

This beautiful plant fence can be the best solution for those of you who have a small house. Not only giving beauty to the exterior of your house, hedge plants also create coolness and make your front or back yard more private.

But sometimes you have to prune the hedges if they are too tall and thick. A quality hedge trimmer can make it easier, faster, and more fun.

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