Design a Minimalist House by Paying Attention to Its Philosophical Value

The word minimalist home is increasingly being heard and chosen by the community as the design of his house. This term we often read or hear buzzing in the mass media to designate a building that is considered to apply the architectural / interior style or trend of the present.

The aim is to get the impression of a house or building designed with a new, modern and tasteful style. But do you really know whether the minimalist home design really is?

Many people think that the minimalist style has only been born in the last 10 years. When examined by those who understand more, it turns out it is not a minimalist style, especially modern. But sometimes there are American Classic, Art Deco and even slip the touch of another stream.

Before discussing more about the type of minimalist house, it helps us to know its history. Questioning the designation of minimalism is actually more influenced by the understanding of Zen from Japan.

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright adapted some Zen things like the sliding door of the design of traditional Japanese houses through his 1940s home work.

The concept of minimalist architecture then moved its development in the late 1980s in London and New York. In line with what happened to the development of the “tired” fashion industry with all the maximal attributes in the previous era in the 1980s: big hair, big makeup, big prints, big shoulder and everything that was enlarged.

A distinctive feature of a minimalist home is to use concrete, following a basic shape (square), plain or without ornament, and using a maximum of two material combinations.

In minimalist architecture it is usually ‘throwing’ everything into something to achieve the essence of the value of simplicity, but has a very high quality value. The details are neat, precise, honest and not making it up to look at all parts of the building and space.

So if you see a cluster house with a facade design (front view) using red or excessive decorative elements, in fact it is not an example of a minimalist house. Remember! According to KBBI, minimalism means simple and limited elements to get the best effect or impression.

The concept of a minimalist house is actually not just simple. But it has a shape that is adapted to its function, without adding too many additional ornaments. Same is the case with a minimalist house plan.

A minimalist house plan will maximize the area as best as possible according to the needs of the user. In other words, there will be no area wasted or in vain.

For those of you who want a two-story multi-storey house, but are confused about managing the budget. Don’t worry, because the house can be grown. As children grow older, homes also grow slowly and respond to the future.

The tips are to consult with your architect or designer to design a home foundation for two floors, even though the first floor was only built.

Make sure the layout and location of the stairs can be developed for a moment to increase the number of floors. If there is not too much activity in the house, residents can combine the dining room with living area to maximize the open space, so that all available corners of the land can be used as a whole.

The choice between a dry garden or a wet garden at home can be determined by the owner’s habits and the area he has. If you are the type of person who likes gardening or farming, a wet garden with grass can be a separate sanctuary area.

Watering and “talking” to plants is believed to increase oxygen intake. Replacing grass with gravel makes dry garden easier to maintain because you can simply water the plants in the pot. Dry gardens are also very suitable for areas of the house that lack sunlight.

For example, your garden area is covered with neighboring houses, so use wood or white pebbles to keep the garden feeling zen. Because less sunlight will inhibit grass growth. Also specify a minimalist garden design that is tailored to the area of your area.

Less is more, maybe this approach is familiar to you, especially if it is associated with decorating ideas and residential interiors that take a minimalist theme.

Apart from being soothing thanks to the lack of furniture that fills the room, you don’t need to invest more in a variety of instruments that you must have.

An important point for the theme of this minimalist decoration is the spacious room with the amount of furniture and not too much detail and focuses on the selection of natural and pastel colors and texture games that will bring the atmosphere to life.

Although it has long been present in Indonesia, minimalist home design is still able to steal the attention of many people. The concept that maximizes space and the choice of monochromatic hue that is applied to occupancy makes a minimalist home easy to decorate.

The theory is that minimalist homes use monochrome colored paint. Choosing the color of the Minamlis living room wall paint, furniture, and white and natural curtains like this is perfect for small living room designs. Putting a mirror on the wall also has the same system, it is even more optimal to give a broad impression.

The choice of color or material shades in the example of a minimalist house is generally no more than two combinations. If you feel that white is too plain, add wood material or natural stone walls with simple motifs as accents.

Some materials that are often used in minimalist homes are bricks, exposed concrete, iron, and wood. A 10 cm thick brick wall can withstand heat for more than 2 hours.

Meanwhile, a 15 cm concrete wall can reduce heat to 4 hours. For elements of decoration in a minimalist home design, architects often use roster or vent, wire mesh, and laser cut.

Roster is a vent made of cement and printed sand. The model is very diverse. For variations in shape, between cement in solid shape, present a circle perforated roster.

Roster can also be an energy-efficient home solution because it can deliver fresh air into the house, while at the same time having high aesthetics. Wire mesh is iron in the form of woven wire into sheets or rolls.

Laset cut is a technique for cutting iron, glass, wood and much more. By using computerization, cutting motifs can be arranged according to taste.

For a minimalist family style, the role of lighting is very important. especially to make the atmosphere of the family room feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Natural and artificial light sources are equally important to note the effect in order to produce a comfortable minimalist home design.

Choosing a window that can be opened and closed will have the effect of changing the air in the bedroom. Therefore, the choice of window coverings should be tailored to the tastes and needs of bedroom users.

Installation of windows and doors that can provide good circulation can regulate the level of humidity in the house and will be able to extend the life of all aspects of the home interior.

The function of a large window that stretches high can provide the best quality of light and air if it is on the east – south side. A good morning sun brings a warm atmosphere into the room.

The sunlight in the middle of the day becomes natural lighting while the cool breeze is felt in the afternoon. The view of the green garden also provides freshness that can be enjoyed from inside a house.

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