Minimalist Furniture For Artistic Decorations

The house is the goal of returning home, of course, comfort is always sought. Many things that make us comfortable in the house, one of which is a house that selects the right furniture and neatly arranged.

However, for those of you who just have a home and with a new life is the right time to start rearranging furniture. It doesn’t matter if the house we live in has a minimalist size.

Currently owning a house with a large size will be quite difficult, given the soaring land prices and limited income or increasing demand. Having a minimalist home is the answer in creating a dream home without reducing its beauty.

In addition, a minimalist home will provide many benefits. Therefore, in order to continue to have a dream home someone needs to organize a house with a minimalist concept.

Of course, to avoid mistakes in arranging furniture, you should first measure the house space to ensure that the furniture will be installed according to size.

And not only that, make sure also the selection of lighting as the main point of spatial planning as a balance. In other words, we must be smart to optimize the minimalist space as well as possible.

We need to do a survey for the space that will be filled with furniture is the basic thing that needs to be done. Pay attention to the color of the wall, the area of the room, the height of the ceiling, space accessories and other things to choose from, for example classic, Mediterranean, minimalist, traditional, Balinese and so on.

Like the concept of a minimalist house in general, use minimalist furniture that seems light and small. The color adjustment of the wall should be adjusted to the selection of furniture.

The color of the wall with a bold theme should be supported by suitable furniture, as well as classic or ethnic themes.

If the wall color is creamy, try the color of the furniture in a monochrome beige or the same color. Even better if you use interior design services so that the arrangement of the room becomes more optimal.

The minimalist room theme is usually all wood to create a warm classic impression. In addition, the theme of the room must also be adapted to the character of themselves or the family that inhabits the house.

The design theme with minimalist furniture will be very suitable for busy residents, wanting practicality and high mobility. Contemporary furniture can also be chosen by following the latest style.

The most important thing that must be considered is its suitability to the condition of the house, especially the room occupied.

After planning the shape and adjustment of space with the theme, the next step is to buy the appropriate furniture. Furniture should be chosen with a mature plan because the price is not cheap.

Quality furniture is made from teak and pure wood. It would be better if you choose furniture accompanied by someone who understands a lot about furniture choices.

The best choice is an item whose quality is according to your needs. There are two types of materials that are common, namely solid wood and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).

Solid wood is more expensive than MDF material, but there is no doubt that the quality is more assured, especially the type of teak.

Because solid wood has a high price range, wood waste created as furniture can be an alternative for the use of chairs, tables, shelves and so on.

Furniture made from MDF has a fairly cheap price, but the quality is not cheap. Although not as good as pure wood, furniture made from MDF can be tampered with more because it can be assembled.

Various types of furniture can be made with recycled materials. Painted used tires can be used as a lounge chair. For various types of shelves, create creations from pipes and wood and used blocks that are widely sold at low prices. Even a kitchen set can be made from used rattan and various used bottles painted in a futuristic style.

Buying second furniture can also be an alternative choice. Even so, the details of the used goods must be thoroughly checked. Do not buy items that are harmful especially if used for children.

Buying second furniture can be done through buying and selling online. However, buying furniture online is quite risky so the chosen website must be truly valid.

It would be better to come directly to the shop, so that the furniture can be seen properly. Not only that, the history of second furniture can also be asked to minimize losses.

Choosing a handyman to work on various furniture at home will make spatial planning easier. Even easier if the carpenter is given an example of a picture or photo of the desired room arrangement and what types of furniture are needed.

Thus, the budget needed to create rooms in a minimalist home will be lower. Although it requires artisan fees, this amount will still be far more economical than choosing furniture in a store that is not necessarily in accordance with the wishes and theme of the room. Because every house design is different, making your own template is a very pleasant thing.

Minimalist Furniture

A minimalist house with a special arrangement by a craftsman who makes furniture in detail will be able to maximize the homeowner’s creative ideas.

Not only that, the characteristics and character of each family member will emanate. This certainly will increase the comfort of all residents of the house.

Not only that, guests who are in certain rooms will be even more comfortable in a minimalist house whose arrangement is well planned.

Here are some minimalist furniture references.


Living rooms that are not large in size can be dealt with in the right way, especially the placement of sofas because of comfortable seating, a suitable sofa model can boost the appearance of the interior of the house.

Coffee table

Besides the sofa, you can also add a coffee table in the living room. Choose a table made from teak wood with duco paint finishing. The price is not cheap, but worth the price, is much more robust, and easy to maintain.


Want to see the room look spacious? You can install a large mirror. If you want the room to look bright, you can try installing a mirror opposite the outside window. From there the sunlight that shines on the room will be reflected back by the mirror.

Dining table

The presence of a dining table is as important as the presence of a sofa. The dining table certainly functions as a place to put food and a symbol of family harmony.

For the selection of the dining table itself there is a breakfast bar, pedestal table, and a dining table with a sawhorse foot.

Flower vase

To add a beautiful natural impression in a new home, you can also add ornamental plants or flower vases. Make sure the houseplants are exposed to sunlight. If the plant is far from the window, you can also choose other plants such as cactus or bonsai.

Wall Accessories

Because the minimalist home space is fairly small, you also have to get around the best. Walls that look empty can you repair with wall hangings to support beauty.

For the concept of a small room, a wall sticker is very suitable to give a crowded impression in the living room. Make sure your house looks neat with design and additional furniture that fits the room.

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