Minimalist Home Decor Designs And Ideas

Having a comfortable home is certainly everyone’s dream. For land houses with a fairly large area, of course it will greatly facilitate the faithful arrangement of furniture.

But for those of you who do not have a large enough land area, managing a house in a minimalist manner can be challenging.

In addition to making your home more beautiful, you will feel at home. It turns out that having a minimalist home decor does not always have to take out a large pocket.

You can use every item in your house and just arrange it. But it takes creativity and a touch of art from yourself.

Minimalist Home Decor

For a simple minimalist house with a land that is not too large, you need to pay attention to the use of your home furniture. If you use furniture that is not suitable, it will even make the room in your home look narrower.

For home decorating it doesn’t have to be forced to use fancy and expensive items because it will drain your pocket. With a small budget, looking simple and minimalist is a good idea.

Your minimalist home will look beautiful and comfortable with even a simple decoration. Looking at the limitations of space being the main factor, home furniture you really should consider. The design of the furniture you use must follow the size of the room. Use colors from home furnishings that match the walls of your home. It’s good not to use colors that are too flashy. You are advised to use matching colors so that they do not look messy. You can adopt the Skandavia style, which mostly uses white. The size of the furniture that you are going to buy must also be adjusted to the condition of the room. Do not let you buy room furniture with a large size that actually makes your home room becomes narrower.

You can also use wallpaper to make your home look more beautiful. For homes with a simple appearance, you should not have a wallpaper with a busy motif. Use wallpaper for just a few corners of the room. Try not to fill the entire room with wallpaper so that a simple minimalist impression of the room is maintained.

Reflection of light in the mirror can make a small room seem wider. You can use a mirror that is installed in a room of medium size equipped with a small frame on the edges. The appearance of the house will be different from the correct lighting. Light settings are very important for a simple minimalist home. The atmosphere of the room will appear wider if you adjust the lighting correctly.

Because the room you have is not wide enough, you need to work around it as well as possible. Every corner of the room has a clear function. An example is when you are going to arrange a kitchen, you can combine a kitchen area with a dining room in the same room. Use a dining table that may not interfere with your space when you are in the kitchen.

Sometimes we have various items that cannot be placed anywhere but need a special place for storage. The storage space will make your home look more organized and clean. But the problem is the limited space. Therefore, you can work around this like using a bed equipped with a drawer at the bottom. Thus, items that need special storage can be stored under the drawer of your bed. In addition, these items will not take up the area of your tiny room.

Air circulation is needed in every home. In addition to air ventilation to replace room air, a minimalist home window needs to be made with a larger size. Why must be large enough. Considering your house is small in size, the size of the window that is large enough will allow more sunlight to enter the house. In addition, fresh air will continue to change and make the room in your home cooler.

The use of accessories can also make your home a minimalist design that can look sweet and beautiful. But the number of accessories you use should not be too much so that it is not too crowded. Placement of accessories should also be placed in a special place so as not to obstruct the view.

For book lovers, having a bookshelf inside the house is an obligation. For business bookshelves, choose an open rack that is high not wide to the side. Open bookshelves as simple home decorations will create the impression of a more spacious space. Its high size will be more efficient than a wide shelf to the side. After all, with this open shelf you will find it easier to find a collection of books you want to read.

When choosing curtains for simple home decor, you not only need to consider the colors and materials but also the position of the steppings. So that the house feels more magnificent and tall, hang the curtain as high as possible so that it creates an illusion. Don’t worry if your window is small, because this curtain decoration will hide the window size.

Bored with the look of the house? You can try changing simple home decorations by replacing the carpet. For a small house, choose a carpet with soft colors and large patterns to create the impression of a wider room.

Simple houses usually have low ceilings too. This can make the house feel smaller and narrower so that the residents of the house feel uncomfortable to rest. Decorating the next simple home that you can apply in a small house is exposing the ceiling of the house. The point is not to leave the top of the house open without a roof, but instead open the ceiling cover and let the supporting poles visible. In this way your little house is guaranteed to feel wider. In addition, with decorations like this, mice will find it difficult to nest in your house.

Simple minimalist homes can also look beautiful and comfortable without expensive costs. Use furniture as needed. The use of wallpaper in a certain corner of the room can also help beautify your home room. It turns out it’s not difficult to decorate a minimalist home. No need to spend too much and the bag is safe, right?

Here are some ideas that will make you want to rework your home to get rid of the mess.

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