Minimalist Computer Desk to Make Your Office More Productive

A comfortable computer desk design model is indeed not as easy as imagining it, to make a computer desk comfortable by adjusting one’s physical condition and the room to be occupied, so if you decide to buy a computer desk do not arbitrarily choose to get the right computer desk design model our posture.

Computer Desk Design that is not in accordance with the body’s condition will not make the sitting condition feel comfortable and even cause hip disease and aches if left on it will have an effect on the health condition of the body that will be carried on to the old days so that it becomes sick and fast waist or gout. Think of finding a suitable computer desk design model.

The minimalist computer desk model becomes more cool when it is right in arranging and decorating the computer desk.

For example, added accessories such as a clock or a headset also added ornamental plants so that the work space or computer desk area becomes more alive.

Decorate a computer desk with attention to the room model, placement, and most importantly, a unique decoration.

First, like a sound system designed on the side of the table, or on a wall on the side of a computer desk, and you can adjust it to your liking. Also pay attention to tables for third-party devices such as printers and other multimedia equipment. Next, give the light on the side of your computer table, it can be a standing lamp on the side of the table. You can also design hanging on the roof ceiling for the main lights. Adjust the lighting so that the light can illuminate the entire space of your working field with a computer. Arrange in such a way and most importantly you are comfortable and excited about the decoration of the lamp.

Then, add a family photo next to your table, you can photograph both your beloved parents, a photo of your lover’s heart, a photo of your children, a picture of your family that is neatly framed. You can also photograph your work team that adds to your enthusiasm. You can also add your idol wall hangings with an inspiring quotation placed on your computer desk to work. Then, choose a chair that matches the chair, but the most important aspect for chair selection is for your comfort. A comfortable chair is a soft chair and can make your body become sturdy. In addition, you can choose a chair that has the right hand side of the chair for your grip, plus there are wheels that can rotate on the seat legs.

Last is the aesthetic aspect of the combination of colors from chairs, computer desks, the main components of computers and accessories that fill computer desks. Of course all of that you need to list first, you design and tell later to where you order the computer desk that you want. Do not forget also to always feel comfortable computer desk must always be cleaned and tidied up. A clean computer desk makes the mind become passionate about activities with a favorite computer or laptop.

Minimalist Computer Desk

The following are some design for your work desk and computer desk to make it more attractive, giving rise to your inspiration in choosing a computer desk model that is exactly what you want.

Natural and Minimalist

One of the things that makes a table has added value is when it is able to store several items without looking complicated, like this one computer desk.

Made of wood, the table has sharp and firm curves.

Its legs are coated with iron to provide additional accents and protect feet.

You can make two drawers on the bottom right with a square engraved as a place to store laptop charger cables, earphones and other items.

This wooden computer desk is able to give a minimalist and natural feel.

Minimalism seen from a simple computer desk model accompanied by the presence of a drawer.

The material used in the form of wood makes the computer desk more natural.

If you have one laptop or one computer screen, this computer desk is suitable for you to use.

In order not to be lonely, add a small bookshelf and a minimalist desk lamp to accompany you to surf the Internet.

Stick to the wall

Still carrying a minimalist style, this computer desk is quite unique.

Not standing on the table legs, the table was stuck to the wall of the room.

The left and right corner of the curved table makes it look not too stiff.

The combination of light brown and old color successfully brings a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

The advantage of this desk model is that there is an open drawer that you can use at any time.

There are two ways to use that you can apply. When looking at the picture above, use an open drawer when you are skating using a laptop and put a variety of cute decorations to decorate it on the top table.

The second way, put the computer monitor screen and speaker on the top table, the keyboard in the open drawer, and the central processing unit (CPU) at the bottom of the table.

Separate but still one

This computer desk consists of two tables that are set apart separately without a connection.

The difference between the two is only in size.

Place the computer screen on a higher sized table, while the keyboard and mouse on the table are lower.

Although separate, both of them look together because of the same model and color.

Industrial Style

Industrial style is synonymous with cool colors like black and classic decorations.

The table board and drawers use brown with a rough wood fiber motif.

The dominant decoration, drawer handles and table legs of matte black reinforces the industrial feel of a computer desk.

Aside from being a writing pad or just reading a book, you can put your laptop and do your work on this computer desk.

While doing activities, you will be accompanied by indoor ornamental plants and cute industrial decorations.

Letter L

For those of you who have more than one computer screen, this letter L computer desk can be an option.

The model of the table legs is zig zag in black with a foot support under the table.

The combination of black and light brown as if giving a clean and neat atmosphere.

On top of it is a wall shelf to put books into favorite paintings.

The left side of the table has an open drawer to place the keyboard and mouse.

On it you can put two screens of your computer.

On the right side you can use it as a base for writing or doing other things related to your work.

This table is perfect for you to use in your personal workspace.

Legged Wall

Unlike the previous wall computer desk, this table has two diagonal legs.

The advantage of a computer desk wall is to make the room look more breathing and spacious.

Even though it looks plain, this table is quite functional.

Dark gray pedestal protects the bottom of the laptop and computer so that it is not scratched.

The right side of the table has an empty pedestal box as the way the laptop charger cable goes out to the nearest socket.

So that the cable doesn’t run everywhere, attach the cloth at the foot of the table and insert the cable so that your computer table looks neater.


If most computer tables stand in one place, you can move this one table wherever you want.

Moreover, this table is specifically for use when you are on a mattress.

If you want to wear it, you just put the wheel under the bed.

The computer desk will be right in front of you. You can choose which computer desk model you like.

The most important thing in choosing a computer desk is simplicity.

The simpler, the better. You don’t need to put a lot of decorations too.

This is so that you can move freely, especially if the table is used to put the computer.

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