Steampunk Home Decor (Design & Ideas)

Stem punk can be the best idea for home Decor.

People want to have a great home by decorating it using some furniture.

The unique Decor for home is by installing Steampunk .

It gives a Victorian look for your home.

The use of Steampunk is rarely and it is also elusive as the home Decor.

Steampunk Home Decor

Now, it seems to influence the design for home Decor and there are many people mix and match their design using this Steampunk Decor.

1. Gear Wall Clock Steampunk Home Decor

Decorating your home by using this gear wall will give a unique and ancient look.

For the Steampunk design, gear is the common stuff.

You can create the Decor as you wish to have Steampunk style.

You can be as creative and wild as you want.

2. Old Globe Steampunk Home Decor

Globe with an old design and color is the characteristic of Steampunk design.

This is somehow the favorite stuff for people who love the Steampunk design.

With dark brown color, the globe will look old yet elegant.

3. Lather Furniture Steampunk Home Decor

The big picture of Steampunk design can be got from the use of natural leather furniture.

You can choose big sofa as the furniture with dark color.

It can increase the luxury look when you can combine with the right wallpaper like this one.

4. Sepia Images Steampunk Home Decor

Using sepia images can be the best idea to get the Steampunk style.

The antiques pictures or photos in a big frame can be used as the wallpaper too.

You can also printed your old family photos and hang it on the wall behind your sofa.

5. Old Book Steampunk Home Decor

Not only old photos in sepia effect, but also you can hang some old books that you have.

With the brown color of the old paper, it will give an old look and also Steampunk style.

It can be either decoration or the place to keep your old book.

6. Herbs Steampunk Home Decor

There are many ways to have Steampunk Home Decor and one of them is the use of this framed herbarium.

You can take some herbs and then you can put them on a frame.

Then, you can hang them on the wall and display them to your guest.

It can be a natural yet classic decoration.

7. Victorian Hats Steampunk Home Decor

Get some Victorian stuff like this old style hat will be nice.

You can just hang it on the stand hanger on your living room as your home Decor.

Or you can just simply put it above the cabinets or small cupboard.

This old hat will really give an ancient look for your home.

8. Metal Pipes Shelf Steampunk Home Decor

Old metal pipe will be useful for your wall shelving.

It gives a nice look yet old ambience for your home.

9. Old Trunk Table Steampunk Home Decor

This is a unique way for having Steampunk Decor.

You can use the old trunk as your table for the living room.

10. Wall Mural Steampunk Home Decor

Use the wall mural with old map will be a great idea.

You can put a whole wallpaper or just upside wallpaper in your room above the small cabinets.

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