Minimalist Room Interior Design (Cool and Comfortable)

The more densely populated, the smaller the area owned. The space that will be owned to build a private residence is also getting smaller so that good planning is needed to design the building that you will occupy.

Every corner must be arranged well so as to produce a comfortable and attractive room. Arrangements made do not need to be complicated, but can be done in a simple but charming way without incurring additional costs.

By using creativity and imagination, you can add decorative items and appropriate furniture so that the look of your home interior looks impressive.

There is nothing like making a well-designed family room that is suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. This main place sets the tone for decorating your remaining home.

This is also one of the best places to display the aesthetics of your design by experimenting with color palettes, texture layers and patterns, and various furniture layouts.

It was intended to be comfortable, inviting and stylish. Also, if you are a fan of design, this is the ideal space to test your favorite trends, whether you choose maximal art or dare to use metallic wall paint.

The current trend of residential design is a minimalist home design. This design emphasizes visual and functional comfort because most residents carry out activities inside the house.

Visually, a minimalist house uses monochrome wall paint or main colors. The use of color also implies the expression of the occupants. Each room must look harmonious with the mix of ideal elements. In addition, the room must be in synergy with the overall design style of the house.

Rather than placing all one’s favorite furniture and accessories indoors, it is important to plan the layout so that every object in the room has a purpose or beauty or function.

The purpose of the room will also determine the design. For example, the bedroom needs to have a bed, a wardrobe and a side table.

Minimalist Room

In a small bedroom, any leftover space after arranging important furniture can accommodate other elements, whether it’s a chest at the foot of the bed for pillows and throws or a cupboard unit in the corner for cosmetics.

Working with a professional can help create a well-designed space where every detail looks like it has been carefully thought out.

Designing small rooms comes with completely different challenges. All essential furniture and accessories need to be accommodated in limited space. Therefore, practicality is often preferred over beauty.

However, in consultation with an interior designer or expert architect, it is possible to make the room look good when serving its main function.

Building special furniture that brings a unique look to the room is a simple solution for making small rooms efficient and unique. On this article, we have some interior designs that can give you an inspiration.

1. Front Porch

When people pass by your house, the part that interests them is the front porch. People’s impressions will enhance your reputation. The front porch design needs to be decorated in an attractive, impressive and attractive manner.

You can add minimal elements and dominance of plant accents to give a natural and solid impression for a minimalist home.

2. Living room and family room

The second thing that is noticed by your family members or your guests is the Living Room and Family Room. Designing a living room requires a combination of ornaments and the right decorative elements.

By prioritizing comfort and functionality, you can design a living room with high ceilings with paint colors and one theme furniture.

You can provide additional ventilation in the form of a window. Of course this makes the room feel wider and has good light. In addition, the addition of windows provides good air circulation for the room.

3. Workspace

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Most people currently carry out work at home. So that a comfortable workspace design is a challenge in itself. The right design to the efficient arrangement of work equipment is a matter that needs attention.

A comfortable workspace can increase work productivity. By using bright and soft colors, you can increase the focus of work.

Adding a little plant will increase the freshness of your room. In addition, you are also able to apply the DIY (Do It Yourself) concept to give a personal impression.

4. Children’s Bedroom

For a child’s bedroom, you need to pay attention to comfort and safety so that children can avoid objects that can harm them.

Interior design that can be applied to a child’s bedroom is to provide a soft touch of color with safe equipment. Adding photos and toy cabinets can give a child-friendly impression.

5. Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are one of the rooms that need more attention. A touch of dry and alluring design can make your kitchen look neat, clean and comfortable.

With perfect design and construction, you can choose furniture that has many functions so you can use more space and you don’t move too much. You can also use the built-in furniture to add a modern impression to your room.

6. Bedroom

Besides the kitchen, the bedroom needs serious attention. This is because the bedroom becomes your resting place after doing various activities. Interior design in the bedroom You can use the concept of soft tone colors with no need to provide furniture.

This will make your bedroom feel more spacious and tidy. You can also give an elegant touch so that your bedroom looks more luxurious.

7. Bathroom

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Mostly in a minimalist residential design, has a small bathroom. To show a spacious bathroom, you can set good lighting with skylights with textured and opaque ice glass material. The use of glass is also able to give a broad impression on your bathroom.

8. Home Theater

The evolution of the TV room into a home theater is astounding. No longer a sofa with an adequate widescreen TV. Our home theater gallery features simpler traditional media spaces that have regular sofas and wide-screen televisions. Stadium seating and expensive theater reclining chairs are not needed to make an amazing TV viewing room.

Interesting right? Hopefully this article can give you inspiration!

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