Front Door Colors that Bring Luck (Design and Ideas)

Home is an important thing in life. As a place to rest as well as a place to gather with family. The house cannot be separated from the attention of interior design.

For the sake of showing the quality of comfort, the designers competed in the race to decorate the home as well as possible. All elements of the house from the room to the small corner are a concern.

Starting from the main room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, to the front porch of the house becomes an important component. Of the many aspects that are considered, sometimes we forget small things like the door of the house.

Front Door Colors

The door of the house is an important part and has its own portion of attention. The door besides functioning as an outlet and air circulation also has an aesthetic function. Based on Fengshui, the arrangement of the door may not be straight to the rear.

This can cause the flow of chi to go directly to the back and not rotate inside the house. That is not a good sign. In addition to structuring the door of the house, choosing the color of the door of the house is also important.

The colors chosen can improve the atmosphere of the house to be more soothing, comfortable and impressive. Color selection can also be done using bolder patterns and become a symbol of the character of the inhabitants of the house.

Color, unlike other symbols, speaks directly to our perceptions and tends to have similar associations in different cultures. The basic difference between warm and cold colors. The warmth is yellow, red, magenta and chocolate; cold is purple, blue, green, and gray.

The simplest application of color effects is in designing an interior whose decorating scheme is in accordance with the activities that will be carried out in it. This is always done to a certain extent, but a systematic study of the effects of color in this context was pioneered by Rudolf Steiner for the design of his school.

Other uses are color therapy: patients are exposed to colored light, or even just asked to visualize colors. Choosing the right color is usually based on the patient’s color or psychometric preferences, but astrological diagnosis is a clear possibility.

Treatment of physical problems, especially chronic ones, is possible and psychological therapy. Because color have a huge impact, below, there are some colors of the door of the house that can provide benefits for residents of the house.

1. Red

Red is the first choice in color selection. In Fengshui, red represents the element of fire and is considered a luck. In addition, red is also associated with bravery.

The red color can be an attractive accent with the impression of enlarging an object with a little touch. However, this red color is not suitable for people who are too active and anxious.

2. Blue

The second option is Blue. This color gives the impression of being cool and calm. In addition, this color signifies peace, truth. This color is identical to the color of the waves in the deep ocean.

By using this color, the occupants of the house will be given peace in every situation. In addition, if combined with the basic color or white, it will produce a unique, eccentric and expensive nautical style. This color is not recommended for people who are easily depressed.

3. Pastel

Pastel colors contain softness and innocence. Color does not have a brightness that is so strong that it is suitable for those of you who want your door to look friendly. This pastel color does not look at gender so it is very easy to apply.

Although pastel colors look feminine because they are soft and plain, pastel colors have a good effect on anyone who stays at home.

4. Yellow

One eccentric color is yellow. Although it seems eccentric and bright, the yellow color symbolizes cheerfulness and focus. Yellow can help you to nourish digestion and clear your mind.

If you are tired of work outside the home, this color is right to use. However, this color is not suitable for meditation rooms or bathrooms.

5. Green

Green or commonly known as the color of the earth symbolizes beauty, purity, health, fertility, religion, and harmony.

By using green as the choice of the color of your home door, then fresh and shade will emit. This color is not suitable for playing rooms or study rooms.

6. Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This color gives an elegant character and high stability. Chocolate makes you keep concentrating.

For those of you who want to leave the house and need a lot of concentration outside the home, this color is recommended to increase your level of concentration. But this color is not suitable in the room to rest.

7. Corals

This color is one of the colors that are classified as feminine. Nevertheless, this color symbolizes sincerity and is full of romance. This color is perfect for those of you who have a high sincere spirit. But this color is not suitable for the kitchen or bathroom.

8. Orange

Oranges are more ambitious and independent than red, and have no warmth; he has yellow intelligence without his grandeur. This is used therapeutically to bring joy and cure sadness.

9. Cyan

Cyan (or turquoise) combines green and blue effects. It’s charming but selfish; it increases self-confidence, calm and refreshes.

10. Magenta

Magenta (or dark red) is less aggressive and more spiritual than red, more practical than purple. He is optimistic, volatile, and full of love, resulting in feelings of satisfaction and self-esteem.

11. Grey

Gray is a cool neutral color; many languages identify it with blue or green. This is calming, but can convey uncertainty and lack of commitment; silver is nobler and more spiritual.

12. Purple

Purple (or purple) grand, idealistic, and sensitive, but may lack criticism and self-maturity. Goethe considers this a disturbing color, balanced between positive red and negative blue. Lavender is lighter and more feminine, presents dignity and encouraging reflection.

The meaning of these colors is only an outline in general use. Hopefully it can be useful and add to your idea.

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