Minimalist Laundry Room Design and Ideas

Having a narrow room is of course a fear for many people, especially for those who have a large enough size of furniture. Furniture with a large enough size is not easy to arrange. We need to be careful so that the room is comfortable. One room that needs to be structured is a laundry room.

There are many items such as bleach, detergent, fragrance, softener, clothes brush, iron, hanger, and washing machine. Goods that have a large enough space, namely a washing machine, so it is necessary to do a good arrangement to be efficient.

Laundry rooms are increasing in popularity as needed household repairs. If you are wondering where the best place to add a laundry room, think of convenience first.

Place your laundry room near the collection of dirty clothes, or near the bedroom where clean clothes are sent. Some other favorite laundry room locations include near the entrance, muddy rooms, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or near a closet or locker room.

Remember that accidental flooding can sometimes occur. Waterproof the floor under the washing machine, especially if your laundry room is located on the second floor. Some good ways to hold water include adding plastic sheeting on the floor, building a shallow pan for the washing machine to sit on or tile the laundry floor under the machine.

Another consideration when deciding on the location of a laundry room is the noise from engine vibration. Washing machines located on the second floor must be equipped with vibration pads that reduce noise that occurs when the engine is moving.

Arranging machines does require more effort, especially homes with rooms that are not too large. If we set the layout incorrectly, our house will feel tight, uncomfortable, and unsightly.

Minimalist Laundry Room

Some of the following designs will help you to arrange the laundry room to make it look more comfortable and relieved. Let’s take a look at the following.

1. Vertical or Horizontal

The position of laying a washing machine will affect the space available in your laundry room. If the available space is small enough, then the solution that you can apply is to arrange your washing machine vertically with the position of the washing machine above and the drying machine below. This aims to make it easier for you to wash.

2. Take advantage of Empty Space

After arranging your washing machine in such a way, of course there are still some empty corners left. To maximize the space you have, you can decorate and functionally arrange the empty space so that it can be used effectively.

In the remaining empty space, you can put a small closet or small shelf that can store some of the furniture in your laundry room such as clothes, detergent, clothes fragrances, bleach, and other equipment. To be more attractive, you can add a room decor like a vase.

3. One Theme Washing Machine

One of the things you can do is make your laundry room into one theme. This in addition to adding to the beauty of the room is also able to make the room feel more spacious. The combination of colors in one theme will make you feel at home in that room.

4. Hanger Washer

To make your room multifunctional, you can add a clothes hanger at the top of the laundry room. By attaching a barrier between your washing machine and the top using a wooden board, you can use the space as a place to hang clothes or folds of dry clothes before putting them in your wardrobe.

5. Washing Machine with Bathroom

If you don’t have enough room to make your own laundry room, then you can put your washing machine in the bathroom. To make it easier for you as well as safe, you should place your washing machine apart from the area affected by water. You can put the washing machine under the cupboard or under the sink or under the top table (if possible).

6. Washing Machine in the Wardrobe

If your cabinet has a large enough size, you can put your washing machine in the closet. By placing the washing machine in a closet, this will make your equipment more organized and space-saving. In addition, you can use your closet to become a multifunctional equipment.

7. Washing Machine Under the Ladder

If your house has stairs, one option is to put your washing machine under the stairs. By utilizing empty space under the stairs, you are able to create an attractive washing area while looking more presentable and saving your space.

8. Storage Peg Wall

This peg wall is a great way to manage everything that often messes up the laundry room. For example, you can hang brooms and mops in this well. Plus, you can add a nice little basket for storing your clothes clasps and chance items and other ends that find their way to the laundry room.

9. Hanging Laundry Bags

This laundry bag is very good and also a great way to keep all your laundry easy to manage. So if you want a DIY way to add a little flare to your laundry room while also helping to function better, then this might be a good choice for you.

10. Pull-Out Ironing Board

Finding a good place to store an ironing board in a place that doesn’t require a lot of space can sometimes be a struggle. Then someone creates this clever idea where the ironing board comes in and out like a drawer.

11. Vertical Sliding Organiser

Clutter makes the room messy, irregular and narrow. This vertical sliding agenda saves space. It can hide all your laundry items from ordinary views while keeping them easy to reach.

12. Upgrade Lighting

Laundry rooms often occupy dark or windowless spaces. Good lighting is the most important. Adding lighting not only brightens and enlarges space, good lighting helps you find spots and stains on laundry items for pre-treatment before washing. Better yet, add a combination of lighting including canned ceiling lights, pendants and lower cabinet lighting. Beautiful lighting fixtures are not only practical but also add to the design of the laundry room.

Hopefully you can get inspiration after reading this article and you are able to organize your laundry room to be more organized and neat by trying one of the tips above. Good luck!

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