Designing Your Minimalist Living Room For Family Time

Have you ever felt you were at the saturation point of your daily routine and just wanted to get together with your family in a comfortable family room?

What is the function of the family room? Actually, this space is a space that functions as a family gathering room to sit and chat casually while accompanied by jokes and laughter. However, some people actually abuse this function of space one. Want a small family room looks wow, then this space was designed a little excessive to forget the real space function,

In the family room itself, there are two divisions in the indoor seating area, the first is to sit using a chair, and the second is without using a chair aka lesehan. Have you ever seen a family room with a lesehan design? It must be rare. The design of the Lesehan family room is perfect for a minimalist theme house.

Not difficult to change the family room to be more stunning. You can also apply your favorite style to the tiny space. However, you must focus on choosing and managing furniture correctly and precisely. That way, your family room even though it is small but can look beautiful and slick.

First, of course color plays an important role to give a broad and narrow impression on a space. One of them, white which has the ability to expand space. This family room looks wider thanks to the use of white which is not only on the wall but also on the furniture used. Coupled with light from the side glass makes the room brighter and wider.

Find out what is needed in the family room? A sofa to sit back and a table to put some snacks on? If that is what you need, then in the family room just put the sofa and table. The existence of a kitchen next to a family room is an advantage because you and your family find it easier to take food.

For small living rooms can be tricked using multifunctional furniture. Like this television rack that not only contains tv, but also there are storage shelves behind the television. Your family home is not messy and gathering with family is not bothered by messy items.

The function of a large window that stretches high can provide the best quality of light and air if it is on the east – south side. A good morning sun brings a warm atmosphere into the room. The sunlight in the middle of the day becomes natural lighting while the cool breeze is felt in the afternoon. The view of the green garden also provides freshness that can be enjoyed from inside a house.

It is very common for people to use air conditioners as air conditioners, but using them too long is not good for health, especially making the skin dry. Fan is an alternative conditioning device with electricity consumption is relatively small compared to AC, although it cannot be used to reduce room temperature. Choose the color and design of the ceiling fan that matches the interior design of your minimalist living room, to make it look solid.

The partition to separate the space is not suitable for a minimalist-sized house. If you want to be as if there is a separation between the family room and another room, then you can use the carpet in the living room while in the other room not. This other different closing material shows psychologically the different functions of the two spaces. So, you don’t need to bother using a partition to separate functions between spaces.

The main key in designing a minimalist living room design is optimal space. One solution is to use built-in furniture that is custom designed and adapted to the area of space. If you choose the design of a TV cabinet that meets the entire wall, it is recommended to use white or bright colors. As explained in the previous point, bright colors tend to give the impression of space.

Make your family room look outstanding in the presence of a focal point. Although small, there must still be one that is the center of attention in your home. For example, a television rack in this apartment. The line game on the wall of the shelf makes it unique and successfully attracts the attention of anyone who goes into this living room. But remember, don’t make many focal points because it will confuse your eyes in a small space.

Here some ideas that will help you to impress your family.

Baitak Style

Baithak is one of India’s minimalist family room designs that is often applied in Indian family rooms. Ordinarily identical is indicated by striking color furniture or furniture as well as ethnic Indians complete with low-seaters, sofa cushions and cushion.

Along with the times, Baithak was also affected by the minimalist style, eventually many people applied the Baithak style to their homes. Be a minimalist Baithak family room.

The type of design of the Baithak minimalist family room itself is suitable for use both for minimalist indoor and outdoor living rooms. Like the picture above, we can see the style of a minimalist living room under the gazebo in the garden of the house.

Bean Bag

When you hear bean bags, maybe you feel the cushioning of the one floor sounds strange and old-fashioned, because usually there are 60-70s themed houses. But make no mistake, now bean bags are even very modern and become furniture that is mandatory in every minimalist house, especially for a minimalist family room.

Why is bean bag very suitable as furniture for a minimalist family room? Because it is very comfortable to live in. In addition, the pads can be shaped according to your will, so you can provide extra comfort in a minimalist family room. The more comfortable lounging there.

Super Big Pillows

Using large pads, mattress or using a cooling mattress you can also use as furniture for your minimalist family room.

Besides being able to create a wider atmosphere in a minimalist family room, the use of mattresses equipped with a fitting room decor is also convenient to use.

Choose different colors or patterns for each mattress or cushion that you want to wear so that the more minimalist living rooms make it more comfortable.

In addition, the mattress or cushion you use doesn’t have to be new. You can also wear a mattress that has not been used for a long time and combine it with a unique fabric or fabric.

Do not forget to also add a pillow with a plain and neutral pattern so that it can make a minimalist living room look balanced.

An Eyecatching Carpet

Carpet in a minimalist family room not only serves as a protector from the floor. But also as a comfortable place for you and your family. For a minimalist family room, choose a carpet that is comfortable and has a soft surface.

Choose cool carpet material. In addition to comfortable carpets, you can also explore playing colors that are eyecatching or attracting the eyes so as not to make a minimalist living room look quiet.

But if you want the color of a matching carpet with wall paint or a color that is suitable for the floor, you can divert it to a patterned pillow or ornament that you will use in a minimalist living room.

Japan Style

One of the next lesehan bases that can be an option for a minimalist living room design is to use futons. Futon can be an option for those of you who don’t want to use a mattress.

Choose a color that has the same color as the floor or the color of the paint on the walls of the house. Don’t forget to also add a seat cushion or cushion to add accent to your futon.

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