The Pros and Cons of a Glass Backsplash in Your Kitchen

There’s a lot to be gained from a glass backsplash back but it’s also a big thing to think about if you’re considering investing in one, as although glassbacksplash look great and they’ll make your life so much easier, they’re also expensive and a big investment.

Glass backsplash can be bought in so many colours, they can be made to go with any kitchen. They will make a huge statement in your kitchen and will continue to do so for years to come.

However, although they’re great and have many advantages, they do have their downsides too and it’s only fair that these are also revealed.

Pros of Glass Backsplash

  • Shine

Backsplash are extremely shiny and reflect the light, whatever colour they are. Due to their reflective powers they can really brighten up a kitchen, they can also make them seem much bigger. If you decide on a bright colour then it will brighten up the room – even if there are small or no windows.

  • Colours

The choice of colour for any backsplash is endless, you can have anything in the colour spectrum, no matter how bright.

  • Cleaning

Glass backsplash are extremely easy to clean. Any dirt or splashes just run off them and anything that becomes stuck is easily removed with a damp cloth. Unlike tiles, glass backsplash don’t involves any grouting which means that they can’t go mouldy.

  • Personalisation:

Backsplash backs can also be personalised in many ways too; instead of a bright colour you can choose to have a picture of your family on your backsplash or you could have LED lights fitted to make it even brighter.

  • Made to measure:

all of the glass that is used is made to measure and will fit every wall perfectly. There won’t be any odd bits or corners that you might have with tiles.

  • Unique:

Although any kind of backsplash will give you a unique kitchen, if you want something a little more unusual you could commission a glass artist to produce a special, individual design for you.

Cons of Glass Backsplash

      • Cost

There’s no dodging the fact that glassbacksplash are expensive, and although prices vary greatly some – depending on size – can be thousands.

However, tiles can be costly too, so surely it’s worth paying that little bit extra for something you love compared to something you like.

      • Installation

Having a backsplash fitted can be a long process involving two or three visits to your house to measure up and fit etc.

As you can see, having a backsplash fitted is something that has to be thought about seriously, on the other hand there are far more pros than cons.

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