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You may live in a small house or apartment that have a small space and it is a little hard for you to arrange the place as spacious as possible.

For instance, the bedroom should have the proper bed in order to have a good sleep, however, the kitchen is one of the areas that do not need room to fit into a small space.

There are only 4 things that you need in the kitchen maybe cabinets, stove, fridge and a sink but these 4 essentials are not enough for a chef.

One Wall Kitchen Ideas

If you are not a chef, just a regular people that need to have a kitchen as the source of your food and it is because you have small space then this one wall kitchen is a great idea for you.

To know further about kinds of designs for one wall kitchen, you may take a look into the list below.

1. All-White One Wall Kitchen

White is the alternative way for you to have brighter room or the colour that fit perfectly with all the colours.

If you have white colour for the tiles and walls in your kitchen, maybe you can get all set cabinets of white as well.

Since all of the colour is plain white, you can also get brick tiles in the back of the cabinet to touch some patterns.

Also, you can get the set dining table with the fun colours to get some accent and as the eye-catching for your one wall kitchen area.

2. All-Black One Wall Kitchen

If there is white then there is black. You can also make your one wall kitchen into all black colour to achieve the manly look.

Consider the colour of your wall also good point to match the colour of the black set cabinets of the one wall kitchen.

3. All-Wood Farmhouse One Wall Kitchen

If you live in the farmhouse and love woods or earthy colour then this idea is suitable for you.

It is totally fine to have all wood colour for your kitchen area.

You may need to get a little brighter for the kitchen cabinets to get some different touch and accent.

4. Modern Rustic One Wall Kitchen

Yup, this rustic one wall kitchen is also one of the brilliant choices to build up your cooking mood.

To get this look you may need to have a red brick wall and choose the white wood cabinets to combine the look.

The brick wall is definitely giving some pattern of a rustic look.

5. Small Grey One Wall Kitchen

This tiny kitchen is usually found in the apartment room.

It is totally fine to have a small comfortable kitchen, all you need is to decorate the area.

This bold grey cabinet brings the modern sleek look vibe.

You may need to get a mirror wall in the gap of the upper and lower cabinets to make your kitchen area look modern.

6. Wood Pallet on the One Wall Kitchen

Another tiny kitchen area but this time with the wood pallet in the back of the cabinet.

The great way to make it look simple and stylish is that you may add some ceiling lamps as the decoration and brighten the area.

7. Bold Dark Blue One Wall Kitchen

If you love warm blue or bold blue then this is exactly for you!

The boldness always brings the modern vibe to the room. Add some pattern for the back on the wall to get the accent.

8. Warm Colour for One Wall Kitchen

This warm colour is also another perfection for your one wall kitchen design.

All you need is the olive-brown combine with the white. The brown colour gives the accent in the kitchen area!

9. All Soft Grey One Wall Kitchen

Another grey design for your one wall kitchen area that can bring your cooking mood.

This all soft grey colour is the alternative for you to get the calm vibes.

10. Ancient Style One Wall Kitchen

If you love ancient era kind of design then this design is perfect for you!

All you need is unfinished walls and white stone cabinets.

11. Another All White Kitchen with colourful decoration

Another all-white design kitchen but with the colour blue and green accent.

You can have the look like this. All you need is the colourful utensils to decorate the all-white area.

12. One Wall Kitchen in Cottage

Living in the cottage can be the best thing ever even the cooking area can enhance your mood to serve the food in the dining table.

Usually cottage uses all wood foundation and interior design, however, you can make the kitchen area become modern as well by choosing the plain white cabinets to contrast the wood and earthy colour in the area.

Lamp ceiling is also the best choice to decorate your one wall kitchen area!

13. Sleek Modern Brown One Wall Kitchen

Yup, you can also make have a modern kitchen with a dark brown colour.

This colour of the cabinets is so beautiful against the white tiles and white walls.

14. Modern Wood Black One Wall Kitchen

Another brilliant idea to have 2 tones cabinets for your one wall kitchen area.

If you love manly colour like black you may also love to combine it with the dark wood colour.

The two tones like this brings the modern and luxury look to your lovely one wall kitchen area in your house.

15. Traditional Modern Style One Wall Kitchen

The traditional house can look so boring because of the design but you can also make your traditional house to be comfortable for living in there.

All you need is to decorate the rooms as pretty as possible, including your kitchen area.

You can have a really modern kitchen in your traditional house by choosing the pastel colour like coastal colour and also pick the knob that can bring the modern vibe to it.

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