Stunning Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic is one of the popular interior design in the United States, it brought out from the craftsman designer that inspired by the earth, nature, and country.

This is a very common style that can be very inexpensive to very expensive.

Rustic Kitchen Design

If you are one of the people who love rustic also want to change your kitchen style then this article is for you!

Take a look at this 15 Ideas of stunning rustic kitchen design below.

1. French Country and Rustic Kitchen Design

Since French country is the style that similar to rustic style, why not just combine the two?

The French country style has a unique style that focused on the wood stain and earthy tone.

The details of the cabinet in french style is more likely to concentrate on the craftsman details.

The white coat for the wood brings the elegant to it.

2. Low Budget Rustic All-White Kitchen Design

For those who want to have rustic style with a low budget price then this is for you!

You can get any secondhand cabinet for the kitchen but paint them in white.

Also, change the knob with the nice and new one to get the vintage and modern look.

3. Creative Rustic Kitchen with Low Budget

Another low budget kitchen design for you. If you want to have rustic style with secondhand cabinets but still want to make it looks fun!

You can have a different style of cabinets and paint them with your own creativity.

Use corrugated metal for the background as the accent for the rustic kitchen style.

4. Rustic and Chic Kitchen Design

Rustic style does not always look manly, this style is also can change into chic style as well!

Make your rustic style for your chic style is definitely a brilliant idea.

Combine the white colour to the wood ceiling and add some ceiling lights to brighten the looks.

Modern bar stools are also the best choice to make your kitchen looks chic.

5. Luxury Rustic Kitchen Design

You do not have to get wood furniture to have a rustic style kitchen.

Take benefits to the wood stunning ceiling in your kitchen as the rustic style.

Make it luxury with the smooth concrete cabinets and some ceiling lights to brighten the area.

The bar stool is definitely necessary for this look.

6. Black Rustic Kitchen

Yup, you do not have to get whites for all of your room, this black rustic kitchen is definitely manly and brings a strong atmosphere.

This look is definitely suitable for men as well.

All you need is to paint the wall with black and let the wood and earthy colour as the accent for the rustic style kitchen.

7. Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen

If you live in the farmhouse, you may steal this design for your lovely house.

This rustic style is very suitable with the farmhouse since they both are related to each other.

The light wood colour of the cabinets is perfect for brightening your kitchen.

8. Kitchen and Bar Rustic Fun Design

Some people would like to have a kitchen and bar at their home at the same time, if you are that person then this is great for you!

You can always bring a fun look for your kitchen with the red accent into the rustic style.

Get all-wood cabinets and dining room, this red colour definitely contrasts the wood colour.

9. Colourful Rustic Kitchen

Another fun way for your rustic kitchen is this colourful style.

The rustic style usually close to the earthy tones, however, you can make your kitchen looks fun and vintage as well with the wood.

Play with the 3 tones of colour to get the fun vintage look!

10. Green rustic Kitchen

Another great inspiration for non-white kitchen theme.

This kitchen theme brings the nature and magical looks to your cooking area.

The colour style like this is definitely different but unique at the same time.

It feels like living in the witch house, isn’t it?


There are so many ways to decorate and decoration that can make your rustic style kitchen looks fun and proper, here are 5 decoration that suitable for the rustic style kitchen.

11. Kitchen Cabinet with Chicken Wire

Kitchen cabinets can be very expensive sometimes or you may have trouble with class on the frame door.

The chicken wire is definitely can save you!

Use chicken wire to cover the door frame of the cabinet, this is the tips to have low budget kitchen cabinets.

12. Edison Bulb for Rustic Kitchen

Edison bulb can be an effective way for you to have the modern rustic kitchen in your house.

You actually can make by yourself to have an arrangement of Edison bulb in the wood pallet.

13. Wood Slat for Rustic Window

Well, windows in the kitchen area are necessary to help the air circulation since you are cooking and make the gas.

The window in your rustic kitchen can also get decoration to get the rustic style.

All you need is wood slat as the cover for your kitchen window.

14. Open Shelf Pantry

The food ingredients can be too many for you who love to cook and it is not easy to buy the new cabinet just for the place of your seasoning.

This open shelving pantry is definitely the answer since you also can make this by yourself!

The open shelving pantry is very useful to get the seasoning jars since it is easy to look them all and grab it without having to open the cabinet’s door for so many times.

15. Mason Jar as Utensils Holder

Rustic style can be hard to make with the wood but you can also have adorable decoration for your rustic style kitchen.

This mason jar is not only inexpensive but also easy to find in the store.

You can turn them into utensils holder! Paint them in white to combine the colours of the wood.

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