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As we get older, one of the most dangerous areas in your home is a bathroom. With slippery and slender tile floors, the lethal fall potential is greatly increased, especially for disabled or weak elderly.

Bathing in particular is a problem, because more than two thirds of bathroom injuries in seniors occur in or near the bath.

One way to overcome this dangerous problem is to use a shower chair. The bath chair is like that – a chair that can be occupied by the elderly when taking a shower. This is specifically designed to fit inside the tub and provide a stable and non-slippery surface so parents can rest.

Choosing a bath chair is not easy. There are various of them available on the market, all with different features and selling points. It is important to consider all these different factors before choosing the right shower chair for you.

Unfortunately, there is no standard universal size for bathtubs, so it’s important to measure your bathtub to make sure the shower seat fits inside. Also consider the overall size of the bathroom and whether you have a door in your bathroom or not.

Chairs that are too large in a small bathroom may be more dangerous than good. Many chairs have adjustable legs, but often the base seat cannot be adjusted, so it’s important to determine whether it’s too wide or not.

Although the idea of a bath chair is quite basic, actual use can vary. Some people also use their bath chairs for aqua therapy, saving them from the difficulty of buying another device.

In addition, for those who have degenerative physical damage or cannot be recovered, a shower transfer bench can be very useful. This allows the user to enter the bathtub while staying in a sitting position.

Finally, consider how many people use the bathtub. If the senior is not the only one who uses the bathroom, the foldable shower chair is very useful, because it can be removed and stored when needed.

Choosing a bath chair doesn’t have to be all about necessity. Because the market is very large, there is room for individual preferences too. Shower chairs are usually available in teak or plastic, because this is a durable material that will stand well when exposed to water.

Some seats offer other features, such as a splashguard to keep urine flowing into the toilet, head support to provide a side head comfort, and armrest to relax and maintain balance. The choice is up to you.

Many have limits on weight or height, so it’s important to find the right one for you. The typical seat holds a weight of 250 to 300 pounds, which should be enough for most users. However, there are special bariatric chairs that can support up to 500 pounds for larger users.

As for height, most of the seats can be raised or dropped to give a perfect position. To determine the exact match, you might need to take measurements and compare them to those in the chair.

Whether it’s a portable bench or a built-in bench, the shower seat helps expand the purpose of running showers, and enhances the overall user experience.

With a shower cubicle, one can access toiletries easily, have enough space to shave legs, and take a comfortable shower in the event of a mobility problem.

Because having a seat in your shower walk-in is quite profitable, you must treat this area with respect.

You should consider installing a stylish seat, which will enhance the overall experience of your bathroom. Here are some ideas that you can try.

Teak Shower Bench

Teak is a good type of wood. In fact, there is no better type of wood capable of overcoming wetness while maintaining its quality. Teak has been used for years to design places that require the use of durable materials that can withstand a lot of moisture.

Teak makes an amazing bath bench because it is waterproof, not susceptible to mold, mildew and mildew, sturdy and termite resistant. In addition, teak is very beautiful, making it an interesting addition to your shower walk-in.

Teak shower stools are quite useful because individuals can sit because they have bathed thoroughly. If you have mobility problems, you can also take a shower without stress.

Built In Tile Shower Bench

The built-in shower tile bench is very popular because of its irresistible flexibility and stunning appearance. If you have a walk-in shower and still want to add special features that show good taste, then consider having a built-in shower tile bench.

If you decide to use the type of seat in this bathroom, you should make it in a corner, because this space can also be used to store toiletries, and gives you the opportunity to add some form of luxury to a small shower.

You can choose between a square, round or triangular bench that complements the look of your bathroom wall. However, your shower bench does not have to be in a corner, because it can be installed on each side of your bathroom wall.

Floating Shower Bench

Although a floating shower bench is not considered a built-in shower chair, it is still a great choice of shower seating for your bathroom. Floating shower stools are very preferred because they function well in bathrooms with limited space.

This can be adjusted for long benches and angles, and most floating bath benches are installed as a piece of stone, which literally seems to float. The types of benches must be installed by professionals because the added bench weight of the user must be considered.

Folding Shower Bench

Other fashionable shower seating options are folding shower stools. This is a good choice because it offers users with comfort and relaxation, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a luxurious and spa-like experience.

The folding shower bench helps change your shower and provides a relaxed seating area when needed, and can be leaned against the wall when not in use.

Transfer Bench with Back

Seating in the bathroom is not only to increase comfort in the bathroom, but also helps you in and out of the bathroom or bathtub without the risk of falling.

This is the main reason why bench transfers are very useful, especially for parents. Transfer benches are easily assembled, lightweight, and support good weight.

You can use it when the shower curtain is closed, which increases your privacy in the bathroom. It promotes dignity, which is a vital element for anyone. It also promotes one’s confidence because they know they can do their own work.

Slip and fall in the bathroom are some of the main causes of injury to the elderly. Although this fall can be reduced, very few homeowners take the initiative to do so. In addition, not everyone can buy the latest walking bathtub.

However, if you have installed a walk-in shower and you are worried about the safety of you or your loved ones, you should consider investing in a shower chair.

Some good shower booth options include floating shower benches, built-in shower tile benches, folding shower benches, and teak shower benches. Fashionable seating options not only make you safe, but also make your bathroom look like a spa.

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