6 Different Types of Door Locks (Indoor and Front Door Locks)

Types of Door Locks – Locks are used on doors of rooms, safes, and lockers. They may be used to fasten or secure something and also provide security against thieves and burglars.

Having been around since centuries, the concept of locking something to safety is an old one.door locks

The original invention of locks is unknown, but we know that the Egyptians were the first to use locks.

Different Types of Door Locks

Now locks have been used extensively, although there are plenty of types of door locks, the following are some common ones.

1. Padlocks

Padlocks are carry-able. They are also historic and used by more people in the world. Since they are portable, they are used to fasten things securely. Used on gates extensively, padlocks may also be used to hold two parts together.

Padlocks are strong and reliable. The main body of the padlock is solid and sturdy; the shackle is thick and curved. While one end of the shackle is attached strongly to one end, the other end is loose and can be inserted over something.

To lock the padlock, the loose end of the shackle is inserted to the other end, and locked with a key. Some padlocks may have a different key-less mechanism.

But generally, this is the way padlocks are made. To unlock the padlock, a key is inserted to unlock, and the loose end of the shackle frees from the padlock-body.

2. Deadbolt

Deadbolts are used indoors; bedrooms and windows use deadbolts the most. Deadbolts have two ends, one end is cylindrical; used for key-insertion, and the other end is a handle.

Some dead bolts have a cylindrical head at both ends. Deadbolts are more reliable than padlocks as they are made with more sophistication. Although some are not as strong as padlocks, deadbolts require a lot of effort to break in.

3. Knob Locks

Like deadbolts, knob locks are used indoors. Knob locks have knobs at both ends; one end of the knob is placed outside the door and the other end of the knob inside the door. The outside knob has a key-insertion point. It could also be a button.

Knobs are less reliable than dead bolts and padlocks. They are used for low-security rooms; more to control the door, rather than secure the room and they are good to be used in bathrooms.

A person can lock the door from inside by just pressing a button. To unlock, the person has to just twist the knob. The easiness of use on this lock is considered more important than the security it gives.

4. Spring Latches

Spring latches are knob locks that are easy to use but not reliable. They work on a spring-action mechanism that fastens the spring to the doorframe.

You should not use such locks on your bedroom or main door. It could be only used for a door that you would keep open anyways. You can also use it for an outdoor bathroom.

5. Electronic Locks

Electronic locks operate on electricity. The electric assembly may be placed on the lock or in proximity. Electric locks are controlled by other systems.

There are several advantages to electric locks, like the keying systems can be added or removed and the lock cylinder remains unaffected.

Also you can keep a count on how many times the lock was accessed. Some electric lock brands give you the option of configuring them to send alarms when being accessed.

6. Code locks

These are locks controlled by passwords, they are essentially electronic locks but with access-controlling passwords. Logging in the correct password unlocks the device.

They are used in high security installations or areas to control access. They may not be helpful in securing a place from being broken in. Code locks are useful in transaction logging. Some code locks may require biometric details of a person.

Choosing the right door lock

Take time out to research on the different types of locks available. Do you want safety or easiness in use? Do you want to secure all rooms in your house? Would you rather place your valuables in a bank’s locker room?

A locksmith is qualified to understand the nature of locks. A locksmith can provide you the best choice based on your preferences. You may need to buy a mix and match of locks.

Indoor Door Locks And Front Door Locks

There is no safe neighborhood these days. You never know where the stranger is on the prowl. The most you can do to protect yourself is secure your home with indoor door locks and locks for front doors.

We will discuss some of indoor door locks and the front door lock in detail below.

Indoor Door Locks

The indoor door locks that you purchase should be according to your country’s standards. In America there is a grading system which rates the locks according to their function and material integrity. Grade one meaning higher integrity and function.

Some of the types of indoor door locks are described below.

1. Spring Latch or Slip bolt Locks

These indoor door locks are the least pricey and easy to install. But as they say “easy come easy go” so is with these types of indoor door locks which are easy to break in.

The idea behind it is that the doorknob is fitted with a spring latch related lock which is released on applying pressure. The lock though is extremely vulnerable to robbers as they can break it by applying pressure from outside.

The lock can also be broken by applying force to the doorknob with a wren or hammer. A sturdy metal plate can be fitted on the door knob to prevent this.

2. Deadbolt Locks

These indoor door locks are very effective in keeping robbers away. It essentially bolts the lock into the door frame. Once the bolt is locked one has to use a key from outside to unlock the bolt.

A complicated design of bolting makes it difficult for the robbers to unbolt. But one can always pry the door open so to make it pry proof there is the option of locking the bolt into the doorframe vertically or in other words to surface mount the locks.

3. Keyless Locks

Nowadays everything is becoming digital so why should anyone be surprised if they are suggested to purchase digital locks or keyless locks. The dealer will come and have a look at the design of your home and then fit with it with locks and alarms at different vantage points.

The main digital lock will be there at the inside of the front door fitted with a password that only you will have knowledge of. Sometimes even the garage is fitted with the lock that can be controlled from the main door. This is the best way to lock your home with.

Front Door Locks

There is a wide variety of locks for front doors to choose from but you have to do your research in finding the best one suited for your home.

Statisticians have shown that most burglaries are achieved by breaking the front door and the rest is easy.

Therefore protecting oneself from that rare burglary should be your utmost priority. Do not go slack while making your home by installing inferior doors and locks for front doors hardware.

1. Push button locks

These types of locks for front doors are mainly for commercial use in places where the security level required is quite high. These locks are extremely sturdy and open only with an access code. This along with a door that is reinforced with steel will make for a proper protection against the imminent robbery.

2. The Mortise lock

The Mortise lock is the most secure type of lock in the market today but also that much difficult to install. The lock is installed on a mortise cut within the door. A model with five or six pins has been advised by security men. It is available with a reversible lock that can be fitted on the mortise lock. The keys are usually bigger than the standard ones.

3. Single or Double cylinder locks

These types of locks for front doors are very popular when used in addition to the main lock. The body of the lock and the strike plate are positioned at the inside and there is a dead bolt that is installed. So there is a rotating handle at the inside and the lock on the outside.

4. Sliding Door Lock

Sliding doors or Patio doors have a lock bar at the top which is useless as the door itself can be lifted off easily. So to convert the Patio door into a secondary door we have to install a metal plate at the top which doubles as a lock. This will ensure that no robber can lift the door off its rails.

One needs to keep innovating so that the thieves never catch us. So there are many options of making additions to your already existing locks for front doors. One can use Fingerprint and Biometric security system and add it to the front door. This is also a very good category of locks for front doors. This will be a burglar proof device and will give you a good night’s sleep.

Many people are more interested in the decor of the door and how it fits in to the entire interior design of the house. They are least bit concerned with the protection they need from robberies.

Especially for this category of people there are alarm systems which will go off the moment a stranger gets through the front door. Therefore you have to ensure to keep the alarms up and running when you go to sleep at night.

These are locks for front doors to give your home maximum security and protection from the outside world. Rest remains within your purview and initiation to actually get your home completely burglar proof.

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