Advantage and Disadvantage of Under Sink Trash Can

A clean and tidy kitchen is what everyone wants. There were no dirty or visible furniture for people walking into the kitchen. Storing garbage in a closet or cabinet is the right solution for you.

In addition, by storing it in a closet, you save energy to throw the garbage out. Even though it looks neat and clean, storing rubbish in the cabinet gives you several disadvantages.

You might wonder why this is even an important thing to think about, and some people will never be sure. But we will tell you from experience after buying a trash can that we really hate that it’s actually a big problem.

When you use something every day and it doesn’t suit your needs, you bet you really start thinking about what you should do differently!

There’s some considerations when you wanting to buy trash can like the size, combined or separated, and visible or hidden.

Size – The first thing you need to consider is the size of the kitchen trash bin that is best for you. You know what space is available in your kitchen, but you also need to think about your habits. Because when it comes to trash cans, bigger ones aren’t always better, but smaller ones can be too painful to empty.

Ideally, you want to find happy media where you don’t feel your garbage needs to be emptied. that. time. On the other hand, large cans that you do not fill relatively quickly can start to smell and become an attraction for pests. We suggest removing your trash every night from your kitchen, so at least for us, the ideal thing is a garbage can that is mostly full (but not overflowing) at the end of the night, for your daily emptying. The typical range for freestanding trash cans is between 10-13 gallons, while some hidden in cabinets or built in can be smaller, like 7 gallons or more.

Combined or Separated – Obviously everything in your kitchen that you decide to discard is not rubbish. So, you also have a recycle container to consider when determining your kitchen waste bin. You can separate these items, or together. There is no right or wrong, but if you choose to stay together it can have an impact on the type of container you choose, for size and shape

Hidden or Visible – You also have to decide whether you want your kitchen trash can to be seen or hidden. What we mean by hiding is if you want them to be in a closet, like under a sink, or make a drawer pull like under your desk. There is something that can be said for both choices, and again, there is no right or wrong, only your preferences and what your kitchen can accommodate.

Obviously, if you choose something to hide you make a compromise not to use that space for something else, like storing other kitchen items. On the other hand, having your trash can can be seen may not be visually attractive. However, you can reduce it because there are several very interesting bins available.

After you consider the basic problem above about the type of can or tray you want, now you have to choose the type. If you choose a hidden trash can, there are several advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Under Sink Trash Can

Here is the explanation about advantage and disavantage of putting trash can under a sink.


1. Keep Your Home Clean

That’s the main reason for using it, right? If you don’t have a trash can, your house will turn into a messy and dirty place. And don’t forget about the smell.

If food and vegetables are wasted without a place to throw away, your life will become depressed by an unpleasant smell. Kitchen trash cans are an easy and frequent solution for all types of waste or garbage.

2. Keeping Your Home Safe

This helps maintain the security of your home. How? You may leave dangerous and sharp objects (such as razors) around the house.

Your children can hurt themselves when they find something like this and try to play, or just step on it. Just throw these items in your trash after use, and all undesirable conditions can be avoided.

3. It Makes You And Your Family Healthy

Garbage and waste have a close relationship with germs and pests (That is not new information, right?). If you want to keep the air (and smell) pollution of your house free, the trash can is your most useful assistant. Make sure you take out the trash every day from home.


1. Stink!

If you are a person who does not separate the type of garbage and only makes it one place, then this problem will definitely occur.

Food or organic ingredients that are disposed of and deposited for a few days in your cabinet will produce unpleasant odors. Especially for most trash cans inside the cabinet there is no cover.

This will make you smell bad easily. In addition, you need extra work to remove the waste. Replace it with a new container, then put the garbage outside your house. For those of you who don’t have enough time, of course it will be a problem.

2. Uncomfortable and Unhealthy

With the trash bin in the closet, of course you have to repeatedly open the closet door to enter the trash. Of course this is not a comfortable thing.

Moreover, if your hands are dirty, you can be sure that the handle of your closet will be contaminated with dirt.

In addition, by storing garbage in the closet, it will cause circulation of germs and bacteria inside the cabinet. So that it causes your cabinet to become an unhealthy space.

3. Limiting the Trash Option

By placing a trash can in a closet, of course you will reduce the choice of trash bins, including size, design, ease, etc.

In addition, you also have to set the size of the trash can with your closet which will have an impact on the capacity of the trash that can be accommodated.

4. Reducing Cabinet Space

A lot of information explains that the cabinet space is one part that needs to be utilized as well as possible. With you using that space as a garbage container, you lose valuable space that can be used to store other items.

So that it will reduce your own storage space. This will have an impact on the cleanliness and tidiness of your room.

In addition, you will try to find another storage area that indicates that you need another container or simply to pay for storing items that have not been stored properly.

5. Forgetting the Trash Schedule

If you are the type of person who has a schedule to make garbage regularly, then storing trash cans in the cabinet will make you forget about your schedule.

When your trash can is fully loaded and you forget to throw it away, a lot of bad things will happen. If you use a trash can in an open space, you will easily pay attention to the right time to throw garbage by looking at the volume of your trash.

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