10 Popular Baseboard Styles that You Can Try at Home

One detail that is at home and often forgotten is the baseboard. Baseboard is one part of the house that protects the underside of the interior of the wall.

When it comes to finishing the house, the baseboard that connects your floor to the wall, the trim around the window, and the door, and even the crown prints on the ceiling are all important design details that will offer the beauty of your home.

Even if you have a magnificent bay window that overlooks a truly unique natural setting, without the right decoration options, the window risks losing its appeal. Likewise, natural wood floors that are beautifully finished can look unpleasant when the type of baseboard is wrongly chosen.

Bases, trims, and molds also have important functions because they cover the connections between different types of surfaces and angles where leaks can occur and also protect walls from water and other types of potential damage.

Choosing a baseboard design that matches your home is not an easy matter. You need to pay attention to the design of your room or house, your budget, and the ease of installation.

In addition, the baseboard material is also another consideration. If you want to use general material, you can use Medium-Density Fireboard (MDF) as an option.

Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is one of the most popular options in printing, trim and baseboard because it is one of the most economical options that is also very easy to use.

The MDF profile is very soft, and usually has a predetermined meaning that even beginner builders can use the MDF as a do-it-yourself home project.

Another advantage of the MDF is that it is considered resistant to mold and mildew, making it a good choice for bases in places where water is damaged. You can also use wood or pine as an alternative choice.

As is often the case, the most natural choices for your home are often the most beautiful and attractive choices. Solid wood, trim, and especially prints will bring organic and natural nuances to your home.

Wood options will not curve over time and very rarely crack. Because many of these solid wood pieces are not polished, they do need a little more work on your part.

If there is a knot in the wood, this will also present extra challenges during installation. Of course, solid wood for construction activities is almost always a little more expensive than other options.

Baseboard Styles

Furthermore, solid wood boards, prints and trims also allow you to decide on consistent color patterns throughout your home.

You want all these finishing details to flow together, and because solid wood is suitable for a variety of wood stains, you can choose a stain color that matches the rest of your interior design.

When exploring through the baseboard options, prints and trim offered at your local hardware store, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The many choices, textures, sizes, and ingredients can make your head spin.

For people who are interested in home sustainability, there are also a number of considerations related to this final touch that need to be considered.

To make it easier for you to choose a baseboard that is suitable for your home, here are 10 popular baseboard designs that you can try.

1. Plain Baseboard Styles

This design is quite popular and common among designers. This puts forward a flat surface along the baseboard with several curves.

The material used in the design is MDF. You can also paint this baseboard as you see fit. The main key to this design is the use of color.

2. Vinyl Baseboard Styles

One other popular design is Vinyl Baseboard. This design uses MDF material coated with Vinyl. You can shape this design as you wish. In addition, this design is also quite simple.

3. Three-Inch Rounded or Stepped Baseboard

This design is one of the most popular general designs. The upper part of this design is round with a pointed tip at the bottom.

To make this design, the cost required is not too large. This design is also suitable for homes that have a contemporary style. The main focus of this design is simplicity.

4. Baseboard Colonial Styles

Image Source: lumberliquidators.com

If you want an elegant and vintage design, you can use this design as an option. This design will bring aesthetic comfort to your home.

This design comes from North America. This design is also quite interesting with symmetrical values. Although this design is quite standard, it is quite popular.

5. Modern Baseboard Styles

If you have a home design that is classified as contemporary, minimalist or modern, then this design is very suitable to support the beauty of your home.

If you choose this type of design, you must choose a material that is durable so that the installation is not done repeatedly.

6. Sculpted Mid-Height Baseboard Trim

This design has a large size in the baseboard category. In addition, the thickness of this design is quite good, so it has good resistance. In addition, this design is so stylish.

Even though it’s quite tall and thick, you can choose other variations. This design is suitable to be placed in the dining room area due to its elegant shape and design.

7. Wood Baseboard Trim Styles

You can use this design if you want a design that has high quality and a stylish design. However, this design problem is the problem of the cost of selecting wood materials to be used.

Wood has strength and durability that is quite good and easy to regulate. In general, oak wood is used as a material choice.

8. Pine Baseboard Trim

Has the same value as a wooden baseboard design, however, the design using pine wood has advantages in terms of cost.

With the cost of making cheap and high quality, people often consider this design as their choice. In addition, this design displays the natural impression on your home whether painted or not.

9. Modern Wall Baseboard Ideas

This type of design prioritizes the design decays on your wall. Unlike general baseboards, this design focuses on changing the shape of the walls of your home which at first was flat to be patterned.

The colors used in this design depend on the color theme of your home. In addition, for those of you who dare to do design experiments, then this design is for you.

10. Dark Baseboard Styles

As the name suggests, this design emphasizes the dark side of the color game. If your house has good lighting, of course, this design will unite with your home.

The combination of dark colors with your room will create a deep impression for the occupants of the house. This design is perfect for those of you who love monochrome.

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